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Apr 19, 2012 Call to Excellence 2012 - Melbourne Australia
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Apr 19, 2012



Apr 20, 2012


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Call to Excellence 2012 will enable you to examine how to enhance customer advocacy and improve operational efficiency in a multichannel environment. Through this event, you will hear from award winning organisations to share their valuable experience through case studies and in-depth practical workshops. Delegates will assess how to leverage VOC to drive FCR, enhance operational efficiencies by optimising workforce and processes, managing multichannel integration including Social media and using technology to further enhance day to day operations.

Key topics
• Enhancing customer experience in a multi-channel environment
• Optimising workforce and processes to drive your operational efficiencies
• Prioritising the importance of multichannel integration in contact centre
• Leveraging social media as a tool to deliver real business results
• Using technology to improve your contact centre’s overall performance
• Recognising how best to measure, track staff performance for your overall business success

Key features
• Using multichannel environments to enhance customer experience
• Achieving  operational excellence through workforce optimisation
• Implementing the best practice strategies in contact centre process optimisation
• Improving operational efficiency through multichannel integration
• Assessing the impact of social media on contact centres
• Exploring and determining the right technology investments to improve operational efficiency
• Recognising how best to measure, track staff performance for your overall business success
• Using the right performance metrics and measurement to assist with decision making
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