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Apr 20, 2009 Contemporary Marketing for Information & Communication United States
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Apr 20, 2009



Apr 21, 2009


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Information Technology (IT) is the fastest growing segment of Indian industry both in terms of production and exports. In recent times, �software development and IT enabled services� have emerged as a niche opportunity for India in the global context. The Indian IT services market is estimated to remain the fastest growing in the Asia Pacific region according to research. The sector has attracted many players, both domestics and multinationals. India's demand for IT services and products have bolstered growth in the domestic sector with deal and contract sizes going up remarkably. For multinationals flocking to invest in their India units, India offers a market with very high returns. The increase in purchasing power and the rapid business expansion of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) holds promise for global IT giants looking to market their products.

As the result, with the presence of many competitors offering similar products or services, marketing processes have become a challenge to many of these companies. They need to asses and formulate their strategies well, with numerous aspects such as pricing, target market, customer relations, and advertising to be considered. This is not an easy task to do, especially for smaller or a start-up IT companies with limited resources.

The Contemporary Marketing for Information & Communication Technology will thus provide the medium for delegates to identify the challenges faced by IT companies in marketing their products and how to formulate their marketing strategy to deal with these challenges. This forum will help delegates to discover how they can distinguish themselves from their competitors, how to identify their target markets, how to introduce their products, and how to create a strong brand

Key Topics

# How to set value-based pricing for products and services
# What advertising methods will bring in the most result and cost effective?
# Capitalizing on the shift of products or services in the market
# How to build lasting relationships with key customers
# Products or services customization for customer

Key Features

# Identifying correct market segment to get best return for the investment
# Discovering methods to build a lasting relationship with key customers
# Maximising limited marketing budget and capitalizing on the internet
# Participating in workshop and panel discussion together with your peers Everywhere!

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