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Nov 18, 2014 Email Idea Book: 5 Futuristic Email Tactics You Can Implement Today United States
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Nov 18, 2014



Nov 18, 2014


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Are you using new email adaptations to gain an evolutionary edge on your competition?

Email was one of the first truly effective online marketing techniques to emerge, and it is still one of the most used and most successful; but email is moving fast and most email programs are only scratching the surface of possibilities. The tools available today have allowed top marketers to hone this channel into a more personalized, nurturing and interactive one.

The good news is that you don't have to have a goliath budget or be a prodigy coder to implement some genuinely cool email programs. Register now for this complimentary webinar, sponsored by Act-On Software, Inc., to learn more.

Behavior-Based Email Triggers
Automated Email Drip Programs
Adding Cinemagraphs, Embedded Media and Interactive Features
Responsive Design - Why It's Under-Used, and Why You Need It
Hyper-Targeting With Dynamic Content Everywhere!

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