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Oct 01, 2012 Event Date Oct 1st & 2nd with optional workshops on the 3rd Massachusetts, Massachusetts
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Today most BtoB companies struggle with sales and marketing alignment and effectiveness.  This struggle looks a lot like the chicken and the egg scenario. It could be that the lack of alignment is causing the lack of effectiveness, or the lack of effectiveness is causing sales and marketing not to want to work together.

SiriusDecisions, a leading BtoB research and consulting firm reports that the number of leads that result in closed won business with companies that have aligned processes is 5 times that of non aligned companies. Additionally those companies are over 600% more profitable and outperform non aligned companies by 24% in average revenue growth. Aberdeen Research studies support these statistics as well and went on to state that "Best in Class Companies" host joint meetings with sales and marketing at least twice a week.

Demandcon created an educational environment for both sales and marketing, individually, while also providing  an opportunity for both parties to sit down together and strategically align their processes.
You have several options to chose from to help align and accelerate your sales and marketing funnel including: 45 minute breakout presentations, 90-120 minute mini hands-on workshops and optional all day, intensive hands-on workshops before or after each DemandCon event.
The content is provided by the world's foremost thought leaders and covers information on the latest research, strategies and tactical best practices in B2B Sales and Marketing today.

DemandCon offers several optional all day workshops that run 9am to 4pm.

Example all day workshops include:
Black Belt funnel Plan - hosted by Hugh Macfarlane President of MathMarketing
Lead Management -  Hosted by Carlos Hidalgo, President of Marketing Automation Institute
B2B Social Media hosted by Shelly Kramer, President of V3 Integrated Marketing

To get the most value out of either the mini hands-on workshops at the conference or the optional all day  workshops, you should be prepared to have both of your sales and marketing executives attend these programs. Be sure to bring along your information, examples and questions about target markets, sales channels, sales lead generation goals and activities, lead management workflows, criteria for lead qualification and scoring, cost per lead information, sales revenue goals, quotas, average deal sizes, lead to sales cycle times, conversion rates and ROI numbers. If you don't have this information, don't worry we help you uncover this important data. Everywhere!

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