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Nov 23, 2009 India National Summit 2009 United States
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Nov 23, 2009



Nov 24, 2009


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These and more questions will be answered:

* How can you implement effectively the latest tools on Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, Email Marketing, Market Research?

* To convert browser into buyers: what are the ways to get higher conversation rates?

* What are the latest key metrics & web analytics to track and measure your ROI on your Social Media Marketing Campaign?

* SEO & Online Advertising (e.g PPC): how to optimize it so that you will get maximum result with minimum costs?

* Effective ways to integrate marketing & branding strategy

Why attend Internet Marketing Conference in Mumbai?

* Learn the newest trends on local and global internet marketing from experts in SEO, SEM, Media, Affiliate Marketing, Email- & Mobile Marketing etc.

* Your opportunity to discuss with & ask questions face-to-face to top experts in the business.

* Network with highly successful national marketers online marketing and meet your peers to benchmark.

* Learn from leading marketers which have developed successful new digital marketing and media strategies.

Exciting Highlights and Topics:

* Strategic and Practical tips and tools from Best Practices and Experts on: Mobile Marketing, SEO, SSM, PPC, Online Advertising, Viral Marketing, Online Branding, Market Research, Email Marketing, Web Analytics and more.

* How to effectively integrate your on- and offline marekting strategy

* INTERNET Marketing India attracts the total off- and online industry's marketing internet users and all the leading vendors and implementers of India under one roof

* How to implement Social Media Marketing & Viral Marketing tools into your marketing strategy and how to increase your ROI

* How can you become Nr.1 in Organic Search and/or effective in Paid Search?

* Top Speakers from eBay, TATA Motors,, Apollo Hospitals, OM Logic, ICIC Lombard,, and more

* Presenting numerous new internet web techniques and tools, so you could do your job more effectivel

* Professional and experienced chairman from top market research company in India: IMRB International

IBB Annual National Summit Next Generation Internet Marketing is THE platform in India for all Marketers working with digital tools Everywhere!

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