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Mar 11, 2014 World Communication Forum in Davos - 5th annual edition! Switzerland
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Mar 11, 2014



Mar 12, 2014


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Provocative interactive discussions on the advanced development of digital communications and their social impact viewed in the context of modern PR and Communications and from the angle of diverse areas of business, media, innovations, internet, and public administration. Focus on the new specific requirements to Communicators 3.0 and due steps in change-management with regards to the new challenges to the profession. Round table discussions on key expectations and demands of the three key players on the industry market (Consultancies, In-house PR & Corporate Communications, and Professional Associations).
WCFDavos 2014 agenda - key topics:
•    PR is dead VS Long live all-channel-PR. How will the industry name change? What comes in the place of Public Relations?
•    The Communications Professional 3.0 – changes and challenges.
•    New business in a new media world, or new media for new technologies and startups?
•    The 3-Whales Industry Game: consultancies, in-house experts, associations. Expectations, demands, and favoured business relations.
•    Political communications: global values VS local trust.
•    Effective national or regional PR and marketing awards.
•    Global events and their influence on global development.
•    International place branding – how to engage the global community?
•    3D vision of the future. Who creates our agenda and shapes up our future – media, politics, business, PR or science?
•    Privacy & Publicity, merging of the personal and professional ID. Internet Regulations: copyright, safety, freedom. Digital and social aspects.
•    Special Keynote – the true life-story of a top industry leader.
The co-founder and director of the Social Brain Foundation, Isaac Mao, also known as venture capitalist, software architect, and social media researcher from China and establisher of the, will render a keynote talk on the philosophy of Sharism (based on the notion of sharing) and the challenges of the new communication world.
Other leading experts who will share key insight are:
Andre Manning, Global VP Corporate Communications at Philips
Prof Dr. Marc Lagendorf, Deputy Head of Corporate Comms at Siemens AG (Germany)
Ronald Alepian, VP Corporate Marketing & Communications, TMX Group (Canada)
Sinan Cem ?ahin, Corporate Communication Director of TTNET (Turkey)
Solly Moeng, President of the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA)
Maxim Behar, Chairman of H+K Strategies (CZ), CEO of M3 Communications (BG)
Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri, CEO of Lubri Oil Corporation (M) SB (Malaysia)
Ankica Mami?, Owner and Managing Director of IM&C Agency (Croatia)
WCFDavos 2014 full agenda:
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