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Jul 15, 2014 Writing Copy that TELLS: The What, Why and How-to of Content Marketing United States
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Jul 15, 2014



Jul 15, 2014


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The challenges facing today's marketers are immense. Consumers are savvy and skeptical buyers and most goods and services are now commodities, due to global, digital forces. This is why content marketing is essential to a marketer's survival, as it meets the consumer's need for information, building a relationship with him or her, and transforms a commodity into a highly-valued good or service. In this live webinar, you will learn the "what," the "why" and, most important, the "how-to" of content marketing, so that you will gain a better understanding of this marketing model and be better equipped to begin implementing it into your marketing programs.

This live webinar will utilize GoToWebinar®, an internet active tool which allows the speaker to walk through examples in real time. This will be the best way to follow along with the program and a link will be provided for you prior to the program date.

5 Reasons to Attend

- The one big secret about consistently generating lots of content that all the information marketing pros know that you should know too

- The five rules of content marketing that you must always follow; ignore at your peril

- What are the four P's and why they are important to effective content marketing

- The proper ratio of self-serving information to relevant information

- Three things you must do before embarking on any content marketing campaign, helping ensure its success

    The What: Content Marketing at Its Core
•    Briefly Defined
•    "5 to Stay Alive"
•    Takeaways
    The Why: Essential Prep Work
•    Briefly Defined
•    Some Stats That Tell the Story
•    Who Is in Your Funnel?
•    Creating Customer Personas
•    The Four P's
•    Defining Success
•    Drawing (and Following) the Roadmap
•    Measuring Success
•    Takeaways
    The How-to: Content Marketing in Action
•    Briefly Defined
•    The 4X Rule
•    The Trusty Triad
•    Considering Keywords
•    The Four Modalities of Learning
•    Content Marketing Paired With the Four Modalities of Learning
o    Reading
o    Seeing
o    Listening
o    Viewing
•    Takeaways Everywhere!

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