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Jan 17, 2014 Writing Scripts That Sell United States
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Jan 17, 2014



Jan 17, 2014


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We may not think about it, but we use scripts all the time. In our everyday lives, in interviews and especially in sales situations, we are using scripts to get our point across to the other person. Sometimes we are in front of the other person and sometimes we are on the telephone. Nevertheless, in all situations there are definitely key items and statements that we want to make, and in the case of the sale, we want to close the deal.

Steve Schiffman, one of the leading sales writers in the nation, will take you on a very special journey. He has been writing books for 35 years on topics ranging from handling sales objections to emails to starting awkward conversations. In this live webinar, he will teach you how to write a script that sells the idea you have, no matter who you are speaking too.
Starting with the opening, he will show you that the reactions you get are anticipated, are in kind and finally will turn into a story. Those three points allow you to work with your presentation in making the key elements work.

This live webinar teaches the most important part of communication: writing a winning script.


Key Words to Use
Anticipate What Is Being Said
Turning Around the Objection
Writing the Proper Script Opening Sentence
Closing on a High Note
Taking the Pain Away From the Other Person
Listen to What Is Really Being Said
Developing an Approach That Allows You to Control the Flow of the Conversation
Making the Most out of the Time Allotted to You
Turning Around Anticipated Questions
Dealing With Nasty Objections
Getting Blindsided
Closing on What You Want; Winning for All Everywhere!

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