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Evaluation Methodology

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SmartRank™ Algorithm

Our algorithm uses hundreds of data points.

Our SmartRank algorithm has matured over 17 years by using hundreds of data points including review strength, reviewer strength, sentiment strength, engagement strength and if the company has been verified by us.

This means that these rankings are not solely our opinions, but rather incorporate a slew of factors including the experiences of others.

Sentimental Factors

Brand positivity.

Our SmartRank algorithm takes into consideration both website and brand metrics to understand how a particular brand is viewed online and how well they are established with their target markets.

We recommend digital marketing companies that have a good reputation. To learn all of the sentimental factors, click here.

Review Factors

Buyer feedback is crucial.

Buyer feedback offers incredible insight into how a digital marketing company operates, how well they communicate with their clients, and how they perform in digital marketing.

Our algorithm not only takes into consideration buyer reviews, but measures the validity and relevance of reviews. Factors that are measured when evaluating digital marketing companies include the average rating of their reviews, how much information is included in those reviews, whether the reviewer is transparent about who they are, and whether or not the review was incentivized. To learn all of the review factors, click here.

Engagement Factors

We measure online communications.

Through our research we have found that brands which engage with their audiences are more likely to offer a better product or service compared to those that fail to engage.

Our algorithm factors in whether or not brands communicate with buyers through their profile. Digital marketing companies invested in producing the best results often answer questions or respond to reviews about their product or service. They also create and share industry insight through case studies, whitepapers, and other resources.

To learn all of the engagement factors, click here.

Profile Factors

Timely and accurate information.

We believe it is important for a digital marketing company to offer timely and accurate information to prospective buyers.

Our algorithm favors those which review information on their company profile on a regular basis, encourage their customers to discuss their experiences through client reviews, and are invested in maintaining their presence online. To learn all of the profile factors, click here.

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