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By Drew Doerr Oct 01, 2019



They did more harm than good. They managed the page I created and when I canceled they deleted my work when they did nothing to create it, and charged me for it. Additionally they harass you for trying to cancel, make promises they don't fulfill. Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This company has published photos that were not mine. They also published services that I do not provide. I have tried endlessly to get 411 local to correct these issues for nearly one year, since I first started using them .They always say the same thing, we will correct it immediately but to this day nothing has been corrected. I would not suggest to anyone that they use this company for their internet campaign.THEY KEEP Harassing me about please remain our customer and so on and so on but nothing doing. I have since found other help for my internet campaign, and they are far, far better than 411 locals, more professional, they listen and do exactly what I ask of them 411 locals is a joke in comparison .I give 411 locals one star only because, there is no lower choice. I will also be contacting the better business bureau of both Las Vegas and st Paut mn about the harassing phone calls at all hours of the night and day stay away from 411 locals, please.


They deserve 0 stars. Worthless company, sketchy tactics. We cancelled service 4 months ago and they call all the time trying to give a sales pitch. They call from different fake numbers every time. If you need help call Townsquare Media they keep us at the top of page 1 and are more professional than the ripoff artists at 411 local


Annoying as heck called 6x in a 20 minute span the guys name he said was Mon could speak English but did not understand it. BEWARE SCAMMER ALERT!!! Just another bunch of idiots calling that know absolutely nothing about the company they say they work for.


This is one of the most DISHONEST marketing scams we have ever had the misfortune to be involved with...Only $1 for the first month! That's how they eventually wore me down, they took my information, my Google code, and destroyed my small business. They put their own phone numbers in place of mine, they diverted all my customers to their system,created a phony website with my companies name on it, then tried to SELL me BACK my OWN customer leads! They would not let me end the trial membership until the next billing cycle, then the wanted a large fee to cancel, the telemarketer lied so much, nothing was true. Horror story, absolute horror story.


Horrible service I had my website with them I don’t get no calls I’ve been out of money then didn’t do nothing I close my business 411 local it’s a scam big-time I will never recommend it to anyone keep searching there’s so many good company


They called me to do advertising with them they tell me something and they they did hundred percent different what we agree I did have my own website they took my email and password and create a new websiteAnd they delete my website to have the ownership for them I don’t like the service I counsel since then I have been receiving weird calls and all calls directed to the411 loco it’s so ugly the it still they charging me money from my credit cardIs Headache and hassle why they do this this company is just Scam it’s the worst thing ever been dealing with


I receive a call from this 411 local company about advertising 5 years a go and I start the plan with them The last two years I’ve been having so much problem with every 4 months my website it’s down and I don’t know about it my customer called me they couldn’t find meI called 411 locals so many time the excuses different so tired of it plus my ranking is going down to bottom of the page and every time we lost a lot of money they don’t care about us this company is a scam they care about their money we have to pay them ,we almost lost our business I want to cancel this service we ben receiving calls with the different numbers 20 times a day all the lead 411 local they just harassing us And they did it and I have to fight it but Google give me back to usWe hired another company our business is doing very very goodI will never go back with this company even The last company in the world Please please please don’t make the same mistake I made


Calling me pretending they are customers interesting in my services and then they start offering you advertising. When I said I am not interested, they just cut me off and hung up. Unprofessional. Don't waste your time with this company.


scamming ass eaters

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