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Know their SEO

By Jeremy Eastbourne Feb 01, 2013


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A waste of money

By Janine Mar 21, 2013


Good Value for Money

I have been working with Add people since November and I have seen a big increase in traffic to my website. I use them for SEO and PPC, have an account manager for each service which has been great. I

SEO requires patients

I have to say I am really impressed with add people, they have turned my opinion around after initially being disappointed. We had some growing pains at the beginning as I was not seeing any significant results after been with them for over 3 months but things have changed since. I am now going into my 8th month of the contract and I

Nothing for a lot, no management just admin!

I used addpeople to setup my Google Adwords PPC. They set up the campaigns relatively quickly but could see they use a generic template. After a month or so I requested alterations to the adverts, these were completed. However this is a management account not administrative account - in the 5 months I used them they completed no management off their own back, no reporting, in fact google analytics was not working so they could not even analysis my results. A waste of time and money for the management fee they charge!

Ranking above competitors

Add People were recommended to me from a friend as I had no idea of where to start with SEO. From the beginning, I got on really well with my account manager who was very patient and explained everything clearly so I understood what work was being done. I run a guesthouse and am not at all web savvy but feel trust with my account manager. It


I was using this compnay for a number of months and had many many issues with their SEO wordings and uses.nOn mor than on occasion i had to rectify their spelling mistakes and break down their extensive wording as to which i no longer needed.nI have now found and am using a new company who can do all my hosting and web design in one easy way. They are now trying to charge me

Cheap and effective

We had already been warned about various SEO companies so wanted to make sure that everything was above board to avoid getting done over by the search engines for bad practice. I had numerous quotes from various SEO companies and Add People proposal stood out by a mile. Not only did their strategy seem ethical but also cheaper than most. However the proof is in the pudding and the results speak for themselves -page 1 positions and nearly double the amount of traffic!

A waste of money

I have invested 6 months with this company after a very helpful start. I was well sucked in by their sales pitch and they explained some points to me that obviously helped them close the deal. 6 months later they have not increased my ranking above what it was to begin with. The increase in sales even after paying for a google adword campaign is not evident plus analytics is showing a worse result now than a year ago. Also they have just charged by credit card with another payment (#7) without permission.

Know their SEO

My website was in a right state when I signed up for addpeople. The SEO company I had previously employed gave me a load of bad backlinks to my website and my site visits dropped off a cliff. I

Poor communication and poor results

My experience of Addpeople has not been good.nIt wasn't until 3 months down the track that I saw any kind of gain in google searches. When I questioned this they blamed it on my website. They have not bothered to return any communication after this point.nnCommunication has been terrible and the first page placement they talked about in their sales pitch has not been achieved. I am still waiting for them to confirm that they have removed my payment details from their system as my six month period is finished.nnResearch your SEO company thoroughly before you commit to them.

Finally an SEO company that gets results

Was with an SEO company prior to signing up with Add People and actually seen my website drop in the ranking for my keywords so was dubious about getting on board with another. Initially it seemed to be a slow start and I didn

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