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Apex Refund policy

By Kay Dec 01, 2009


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SEO Suite not up to par

By bizact Jul 29, 2009


I have been asking for a refund for over 1 year!

I signed up for the monthly subscription of $799 for the PPC Max software. The software did not match my needs afterall. Some bugs but the API fees plus the $799 was going to be too much. My monthly allocation of API tokens lasted about 3 hours. Not their fault, but we were just too small. I requested a refund and they offered alternatives but it was still too much. Since then I have requested a refund 8 times in a year. Good news is they are "Looking into it"... but still no response. If they don't plan on honoring their 30 day back guarantee then they should just switch to a 30 day free trial. $799 may not be a big deal to them, but it is to me. Please return my money. Marty

Apex Refund policy

Hi, My name is Kay from Apex Pacific. I'm here to address the issue from above regarding our refund policy. The statement from above is faults and we can not fund any record of them purchasing the software. It is true we do have a 30days money back policy and we do as we say, if you purchased the software within the the 30day we would give you the full amount back without questions ask. however, if you have request the refund outsides of our 30day period we can not process the refund. As for the software itself, i can confidently say its not a spam ware! this software well allow you to submit to all major search engines and at the same till can assist you to optimize your site to give you the best result. if you have any questions in regrades to our software or our refund policy please feel free to contact me at all times.

SEO Suite not up to par

First off, the SEO Suite from Apex Pacific only spams directories. I have been making money on the internet for over 10 years and fortunately I am in a position that I can buy whatever looks good and even if it gives me one more idea or strategy, I'll buy it. The problem is that SEO Suite is simply not up to par. In fact, it can have a negative effect with spammy links. What makes matters worse is that Apex Pacific is ruining their online reputation. How? They state, "We offer a "no questions asked" 30 days money return policy on all our products" I have had to waste my time to chase them up for weeks and finally they emailed me with: "Your request for a refund has been passed onto our refunds department, this may take up to 3-5 working days." Then, another 10 days later .... nothing Ok, it's only $250, but I hope this post can help someone thinking of doing business with this company. Ans here's the deal. I very very rarely ask for a refund because I sell software on the internet and understand it's not cool. But when it's really bad, as in this case, I figure why throw money away on something that doesn't do anything. I hope this gets to someone at Apex Pacific so they can clean up their act. Today, customer service and online reputation is everything.

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