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By Alex Mar 10, 2015


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By Ashton Kovacs Jul 12, 2019



Lauren was very helpful at setting up a new Twitter page with me, and she has gone out of her way to clear up problems related both to Twitter and to Linked In. I am most grateful.


Stay far far away. Very smooth talkers over the phone, but trust me its all hot air. I initially felt at ease and relieved having found someone to take care of this stuff for me. After being wooed during our first conversation with all the things they could do for me I fell for this trap.They over promised and under delivered. My "customized SEO Roadmap" looked like some generic hand out they give to everyone! Plus this "customized" road map actually took them almost a week to put together it said for next month, were going to do exactly what we did last month! Whatttt? Thats no customized road map. Roads are suppose to lead somewhere so trust me when I say these people will only take you in circles.


Worst and most costly SEO Experience EVER,The Good: I have to say customer service was great, they usually call you back quickly and always speak to you in a professional manner, even while your yelling at them because your business is taking a nose dive from the servery inexperienced "EXPERT" assigned to handle your account.The main concern is that this SEO company has NOT one trained SEO professional. At best, everyone one I spoke with knew much much LESS that I did. How could that BE!?!? So we all know that with seo there is not an exact science, no one knows EXACTLY what works best. For those that know very little about seo, BOOSTABILITY uses the ambiguity of SEO against you and will literally make up whatever story to keep you paying $$$.My BOOSTABILITY "SEO Specialist" on several occasions actually tried telling me things that directly and specifically contradict with Googles very own "101 (SEO) Starter Guide". He even told me things like the length of meta titles dont really matter, after he had changed them to be wayyy to lengthy.***Umm yes they do matter, HUGELY and thats why Google specifically stresses the importance and chops of the end if its over length......Thats just one of many many examples I could mention, and its about the point where I started to realize "BOOSTABILITYS EXPERTS" knew almost nothing. I didnt actually ask, but Id be surprised if my account rep even knew what the acronym SEO actually stands for.As soon as this company began to implementing "Their SEO Strategy" our online sales started plummeting. So with SEO changes, initially you can expect a slightly higher volatility in sales fluctuation "usually down" in the immediate time frame during which ONSITE changes are made and until google begins to pickup on these changes and re crawl the new content.But in our case BOOSTABILIITY failed so terrifically at even the most basic of SEO tasks like simple industry research. By month 2 we were loosing between $12,000 - $14K each week in gross revenue and rapidly progressing towards higher losses approaching unsustainable levels. AND that before you factor in the cost of the SEO service or Lack OF were were being charged for. add +$2,500mo.Do your research before hiring an SEO company, 60% of reviews on ANY company which can be easily googled are affiliate related, meaning they get paid to come up with that stuff. A great place to find real meaningful insight is glassdoor,com, employees review the company they work for check out what BOOSTABILITY employees have to say.Many employees say they are unhappy working for BOOSTABILITY because they knowing provide very little value if any to clients. One employee even mentioned he has much sympathy for the new clients he signs up because he knows whats in store for them! Uhhhh... well thats definitely a bad sign!I absolutely hate writing anything negative about another company, being a business owner myself I can understand how receiving a review like this definitely sucks. But I would feel worse not sharing this with you because unfortunately its straight from the horses mouth, BOOSTABILITY sells its SEO services knowing its of very little or no value to clients, but most alarming is that they have the capacity to recklessly cause harm your business. If your interested in the technical aspect of the work they performed I can share that but just take my word for it. Look elsewhere for SEOAND to the CEO of BOOSTABILITY, shape up! Your causing real harm to your fellow entrepreneurs.


I have researched many leading companies that service local businesses and agencies in SEO, Social Media and website design. What stands out about Boostability is strength, and American-made team-centered execution and effectiveness. Why do I mention the USA angle? Because to save money many folks in this industry will have your account serviced in the Philippines or India while pretending to be an American agency.Boostability can work with an agency to the level of even being another arm of marketing, making them a great partner in that ability to converse with all sorts of clients, and by the way that experience of working with so many thousands of campaigns provides incredible knowledge in analytics across many niches and industries. They know what has worked already for your industry.


Spoke with Torie Christiansen several weeks ago, and the worst experience in the world. She was rude, curt to me, and completely turned me off using boostability forever. I will blast t his out to all social media. I will NEVER use this company.


Boostability has proven itself to be a forward-thinking partner in my startup's quest for SEO and social media media/website integration. Make the call. You'll love these guys.




Used them for 1 year. They repeatedly never made changes. More of a sales team than a webteam. They were only able to build 4 back links in year. Go to a legit seo company . They will take your money and do nothing to earn it. I had a hard time getting them to even build the backlinks. Look elsewhere. Don't sign up for a gimmick marketing seo contract


Excellent SEO and website services! We set a goal to be at the top of a keyword google search in 6 months, and hit the goal in 5.


This has been a great company to work for. I’m excited to grow with this company and see how the product, employees, and market change.

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