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By Toby Bidwell Sep 16, 2019


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Fantastic! Improved our google rankings for all our key words which has had a real effect on business. Not only that but they were a pleasure to deal with, taking the time to explain things to us and really getting to know our business. Can't recommend enough!


Kaj was Very helpful and quick to respond to our business needs and questions .extremely helpful.We are a very small independent publishing company and Bookshop we not very internet savvy but Kaj was very responsive.


CoolBison provided SEO support to optimise our website and improve our rankings for ESOL training in Bristol, as well as SEO consultancy around migrating our site to a new domain. Great service, and demonstrably improved our Google rankings.


Having the experience of working with CoolBison since the start of the year I have to say I've been very impressed and really enjoy working with the team there! They really appreciate what's important for my business and share their expertise in helping us reach out across a variety of platforms and attract new custom. Keep up the good work!


Moving to CoolBison was the best move we could have made. It has transformed our customers online journey, upping our traffic and sales. I only wish we'd made the move sooner. CoolBison helped us plan and execute a new website that does everything you want your website and online marketing to do. They helped us think about about how we should go about our Facebook advertising in terms of how a copywriter would develop the campaign. It also provided us with tactics like installing the facebook remarkeing pixel for us, and how to build trust where we can E.G. they told us to show NHS partner logo on the advert to build trust with people who saw the ad. They had so much advise and ideas whilst really listening to our individual business needs.CoolBison insisted we think about the whole sales process and look at the context within which the final sale was to occur.We were impressed with the build and glad we got a Google ready site. Initially one of the many reasons we searched for a new website designer and host was that we had some issues with malware which CoolBison effectively handled and removed. We have had no issues since moving to CoolBison. They are friendly, helpful and I highly recommend their service. Thanks so much team Bison! From Project Dare


We are based in the South West, UK and have been established for over 30 years. We started working with CoolBison some years ago as we needed to improve our online presence and were aware of the power of internet marketing, social media etc, we discussed a new website, SEO and Adwords.CoolBison’s solution was a huge discount on the more traditional roots like AdWords, and although it took longer to get a return, they estimated 10-12 months, which seemed like a long time we were also aware that in our industry one click on AdWords can be between £55-150 and therefore we viewed this as a long term investment in our business and marketing strategy.We’ve done well with local search terms for our service in the Bristol area and have now expanded to be found nationally. Overall communication has been good and the results, which were promised from the SEO, were delivered. I would have no hesitation in recommending a conversation be had with CoolBison about how they might assist SEO for your business, as they say nothing ventured nothing gained, and we have definitely gained through this relationship.


I'm really impressed by how these guys have helped us to work out our SEO strategy - and we haven't even started yet! The questions Kaj has asked me already about our business have helped to clarify how to get the best SEO positioning. We're management consultants, and there are many ways to look at what we do. CoolBison have helped us work out our Google niche. I'd recommend contacting them to get your SEO thinking started - they give you loads of help before going into a contract, so you can make sure it's all going to give you value.


I just wanted to say thanks to the CoolBison team. I’m an English teacher based in Bristol, there was a problem with attendance at the college I teach at. I introduced CoolBison to the institution and explained the urgency of the situation. They worked over the Christmas holidays to help us getting more traffic to the site as soon as possible (so grateful!). We’re on page one for our chosen keywords, and at top of page two for our secondary keyword. Thanks for your help, as a team effort we now have enough students to run the course.I was bit worried that they would need to change lots of content for SEO and I’d have to hand hold, but they got it done efficiently.


Hands down we’ve multiplied the traffic coming to our site. Where we really saw the benefit was raising our name in search to help people buy from us as part our sales process, we sell high end loft conversions in the UK. We generally generate leads through phone calls, after that people then would search our brand and see our great reviews (CoolBison were very insistent on establishing a strong Google My Business profile not only for SEO but also for brand equity). Prospects would then search generally on Google too for our competitors, by searching generic terms, and seeing us ranked in the top three positions helped us convert more sales. CoolBison helped us build our brand awareness and support our conversion rate to sales.


I actually first experienced CoolBison when I needed some consultation for a job a Google, Marcus’ knowledge of the inner workings of Google’s Search Engine really supported me - I walked in with solid information and I got the job, thank you Marcus 😊 I’ve since had a website built on a custom WordPress theme by the CoolBison team. I am very happy with the service, efficient and a cost effective solution to help me get started on my new venture. If you are looking for an explanation on the value of Google Search, it's worth having a chat with this agency.

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