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There is no way to sugar coat that Crystal Clear was by far one of the worst marketing companies we have worked with yet, for many reasons. Their SPC program and start up videos were incredibly inspiring, helpful and made us very hopeful that we picked the right company to work with. However as soon as human interaction came into the picture, things fell apart very quickly.The communication during the first few startup meetings was great until they got their first couple of payments, and then they made us feel as if we were no longer important. Suddenly the communication and updates as they took over our site began to lack and we only got updates unless we asked; sometimes taking multiple times to get a response.At this point I had sent an email to Thomas; our sales rep, explaining in detail the sudden lack of replys, updates and already missed deadlines(deadlines they set). I went into full detail with dates, who was supposed to update me on what-when and non-replied emails, etc. He simply forwarded my detailed email to the team and told his team to "reach out to me" and never bothered to see if my issues were ever resolved or handled - they weren't. Our first and only account manager/point of contact was terrible. I initiated arranging set weekly meetings for updates and to follow up on a completion date of a project and he would have absolutely no knowledge of anything. Not only did he not prepare, it was as if he had been looking our account for the very first time. We would ask a question and he would be silent for 30 seconds on the phone while he threw together some open ended answer and I would leave the phone call more confused and unsure than before.Moving forward things only got worse; missed deadlines began to be the only thing we could consistently count on. Our website was set up in a "4 phase" system that was supposed to take 4 weeks, a deadline that THEY provided us. By week 5 we hadn't moved out of phase 3 and by week 8 the website updates/changes were still not completed. Our account manager/point of contact was no longer with the company and we were never assigned a new one. From there we went through working with about 5 plus different people. Some of which were nice and "helpful" via email, but none could provide us with any proper updates or answers to our questions. A lot of "tickets" were created but nothing ever got resolved. Just to be clear, we gave Crystal Clear a full built out site - they only need to make changes and updates to it. To this day - over 4 months later, we still have yet to have our completed gallery on the site. From the VERY beginning we were clear this was something we wanted to add to our site and we found out a couple of weeks ago that now this is going to be an issue for them to add to the site, and cropping photos was suddenly “not something they normally do”. They had MONTHS to tell us this and they waited until we had asked about it 15 times minimum and it was at least 6 weeks past due to let us know. Very unprofessional. Even at the end, once we decided to cancel our account, I left 3 voicemails with 3 different people, called, and emailed and we were ignored and not responded to for 4 business days. Then after multiple more calls and emails we finally got through to someone and they told us we can send a certified letter to cancel. So now we had to wait another 5 days to make our cancelation “official”. I could go on and on with examples. But the main point I would like to make is: don't waste your time. We slipped through every crack possible and I would hate for the same to happen to someone else. We spent a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of energy trying to keep this team accountable to their own deadlines and just to get an update on our site’s progress. It ultimately hurt our small business a lot and they don't have anything other than a scripted answer to say for it.

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