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Custom Creatives took ONE YEAR and THREE MONTHS to complete my website. Yes, one year and 3 months. I would never ever recommend them to anyone. Their incompetence and unprofessionalism is beyond unacceptable. To say this past year and a half has been a business person’s nightmare is to put it mildly. They asked me to take down my review from last year, as part of a “deal” we made for more added services from them and a partial refund, in order to complete my site. So I took it down.They have breached their contract. They still owe me $750, which they have refused to refund me unless I signed yet ANOTHER addendum to the contract, which would add stipulations to an ALREADY COMPLETED project. Who asks you to sign another addendum to the contract, when the project is already complete? (Rahul Alim of Custom Creatives does. He didn’t want me to tell anyone about my experience with his company.)The entire project has been in my control since January 31, 2014. That was the completion date for a project that was started in November of 2012!The other part of this is their actual “work.” What a complete mess the backend has been! I have had three people look at it, developed by Custom Creatives, and nobody understands why they did what they did. Some pages are actual pages, others are duplicated as posts, some are programs, others are classes, also duplicated as posts. And some posts, which were incorrect in content/text, override the pages/classes. They had “Discourage SEO” clicked. There are so many mess-ups on my site, and now I am having to hire someone else to fix this in order for my SEO to be totally optimized. I had literally disappeared from page one for keyword searches for my website.I could go on with how incompetent this company is, but just know that I will never recommend Custom Creatives to anyone, ever. Below is a part of my original review:“So the process started around October/November 2012. The lead designer had some ideas that we played around with, and finally came up with the design that worked. He started working on my site, adding pages. I hadn't heard from them in a couple of weeks, so I contacted them. From there, things started to go south. I learned that the lead designer had moved on and was no longer working for Custom Creatives. Sorry to say, but my project floundered, with the Project Manager taking over my project, and then the owner, Rahul, taking over. Neither of these two were effective in delivering my completed website. There were so many many mistakes on my website. Links that did not work, wrong fonts, copy/content that was exactly the same from page to page (instead of what I had sent them); a staff page that looked like it had been made by a newbie student learning html for the first time. I gave them what I wanted over and over again. In emails, in basecamp, and in phone calls, and they still could not get it right. This was incredibly frustrating. They kept stalling the completion date for my new website.Out of sheer and utter frustration, I told them I needed it done by a specific day. If not completed, I would request a refund from my credit card company. And that I would repay them that portion when my site was complete and to my liking. They never responded, and it has been, as of this writing, 7 weeks since that very last email from me to them. (I made the mistake of paying them in full for my new site.)What kind of a company treats their customers in this manner? I am not a high maintenance person. I have incredible patience. I want small businesses to succeed. But this is just incredulous that they would have all my money and not deliver my website. The entire way they have handled my project, since their lead designer quit, is just so unacceptable. I would not recommend Custom Creatives to anyone. Happy for those of you who had a great experience. Not here.”_____Sincerely,Clara E Minor

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