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Was in the market for SEO and decided to give these guys a call. I had previously received 5 different quotes from some local companies in Orange County and some Nation Wide. I liked that these guys were local and not too far from my company.1st impression ( A+)Spoke with Andrew on the phone Wednesday of last week. Great sounding conversation. Energetic and sounded excited to work with me. I explained my business model and told him that I needed a quote as soon as possible as I needed to move forward quickly. He told me that they would customize one and get me it soon. I felt excited about the possibility of working with this company.Quote and Presentation ( D-)The quote I received looked VERY boiler plate. A total 2 pages summarizing $ 3k for an initial startup with additional 6 month contract at $3k a month. TOTAL PRICE $21,000 So I thought maybe these guys have some additional value that the other firms do not have. On my next appointment with Andrew I really tried to ask what makes your team stand out more than others. Your firm is is almost 3 times the cost. I don't mind paying for value but I have to know it's going somewhere. At this time I was not offended by the price and still very much considered hiring this company if they checked out.I was not able to received an answer to this question. He told me that he would set up conference call with the owner and that he could further assist me. (or close the sale) I said certainly, and before i got off the phone asked if he had any references that they could email over. (Anyone who is about to spend $21,000 is stupid to not ask for some kind of business reference.) Andrew told me sure thing.References (F-)I received an email from Andrew shortly after listing some items I didn't really care for or ask for and below was a list that said:"Here are a few of our current clients:"No phone numbers and no direct contactsSo I'm thinking great they are going to make me do the work. I start calling these companies. Many of them didn't have listed phone numbers... A real estate firms contact extensions were all disconnected. I basically couldn't get through to anyone live.Frustrated I called Andrew and told him that I was frustrated and to please provide someone I can ACTUALLY call and confirm your work."I misunderstood you" So I responded. Ok let me give you an example"hello I was given your phone number by Directive Consulting. Do you know them? Have they worked for you? Do they do quality work? I'm about to spend $21,000 can you confirm they offer value?Final Thoughts (F-)Andrew told me he would get back to me. Shortly after I received an email from Andrew saying that I would not be a good fit for their company and good luck.WOW!!! SEO companies ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF MANIPULATING DATA. They have power filter what they want and push what they don't. Why would I feel comfortable working with a firm based on JUST what I saw on yelp.I saw in the "not recommended section below another user had the same quote and experience as mine. My custom quote ended up seeming pretty generic.

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