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By Becki Petrel Nov 09, 2018


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This is how they make their money: clients pay them and they avoid rewarding participants: ------ You install their MediaTrend app in your smartphone and tablet, and continue to use your devices normally, or daily as I was doing. ------- They promise £10 reward voucher per month per device with regular use (so their website stated when I enrolled). ------- A month goes by, in the second month ... you send them reminders for missing rewards but NO REPLY. Instead, you receive 2 x £10 reward vouchers BUT it should be DOUBLE that at the end of the second month!! ------- So, you tell them by email but again No REPLY No EXPLANATION. ------- Around the end of the 3rd month, they send you another token reward £5+£5 voucher BUT BY THEN you realise you've been taken for a ride THEY STILL OWE YOU 3 x £10 voucher!! ------- So, you uninstall their app from your 2 devices and in a few days YOU START TO RECEIVE their emails AND I QUOTE: "We've noticed the Digital Trends App on your Smartphone has been inactive for the last week. If this wasn't planned - it's lucky we've got in touch! We'd advise closing the app, restarting your smartphone then re-opening ..." AND I RECEIVED THE SAME for my tablet. ------- SO THEY HAD MY BROWSING DATA, I DID NOT GET the reward accordingly, and clients paid them!! -------- With regards to surveys GFK almost always states a misleading time, their surveys last 3 times longer than stated, or they kick you out when they've collected enough info just stating that you did not qualify... ... There would be more to say about them after years I did put up with their bad behaviour toward the very people they need, the respondents! Please use a serious company that do not abuse respondents time and data.

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