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By Life hacks Jul 09, 2017


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By Eva Coleman Oct 08, 2019


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I have been working here for over 5 years, and when I first got interviewed, never have felt more conformable, I knew right away I would be honored to be hired. The bosses know how to treat their employees and we are all SUPER SPOILED, always giving us great work and life balance.

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I applied for a job with this company (now they are called 1Point21 Interactive) years ago. They treated me horribly, threw my resume in the trash can, it was the first thing I noticed when I sat down to be interviewed. The interview was unprofessional, I regret not leaving. When I got home, there was an email from High Rank asking me to redesign (for free) their company's home page as a part of a hiring process to compete with other applicants. These people are shameful freeloaders and should NOT be in business.
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Need further guide

Overall Feedback:

I was referred to this company by a colleague. I looked at the website and was quite impressed, so I called and left a message for Mark as his name was given to me by my contact. I stating I was referred and had questions etc. No call back. Two days later I called and spoke to the receptionist and she stated they received my message and Mike would get back to me. Well that was two weeks ago! I own and manage 2 retail studios and I'm just blown away by this service. Their website states 92%* OF WEB MARKETING COMPANIES SUCK ....WE CRUSH IT. In my opinion this company sucks. Save your time and money.

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