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IBP is a great, and value for money method. I think some people haven't mentioned the value for money in this software particularly for people who create sites, or put a lot of content online. If you have 4 to 20 sites (and so on, and so on), you will get all the benefits as for just one site, but for the same one price. This is great web promotion, SEO without a single recurring charge.nnAnd you can submit EVERY page from every site you have for no extra cost, using the SAME details, mostly automated and easy to do. This saves an absolute fortune in web promotion SEO costs.nnsee http://www.presentings.orgnnThis web promotion method is also ideal for people who want the search details to be taken from their existing pages, rather than type in. For example, people with forums, blogs with lots of content and lots of details - IBP can have your site indexed easily, and updated when content updates, from exactly what is on the page.nnYou need never pay more than once with IBP. But any number of websites can use IBP, unlimited times. And when you want to use it for the same page or site again, the record is saved, automated within a few mouse clicks.nnWhatever can be automated for this web promotion method is automated. It takes a little while to get familiar with the interface, but it is easily done, and the whole process is simple when you do. There are tutorials and demos, and then, most things you want are automated already. At the same time - if you try other automated bots, search engines such as Google will reject the submissions. The only slight downside is that this means automated sumission, though still at lightning pace if you were to examine it, takes some time, perhaps an hour or a few. Though if your computer is a reasonable one, it won't take long.nnThis method can be used even to easily gain clients in SEO, so the only drawback is that on one machine you might only be able to process 40 or so clients in one day.nnThe best web promotion method there is, and why:nnsee

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