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By Matt Mhbi Jul 08, 2019


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Joel is a fantastic guy, easy to deal with and goes above and beyond what any SEO company would. Not only that the most important thing is Joel gets results. I have used many SEO companies before and Joel was the only one who cracked page 1 in one of the most competitive industries we are in. It happened quickly too. If you want to see your business on the first page of google call this guy!!!!


I've recently had the pleasure of having a long phone consultation with Joel about one of my eCommerce websites that was having trouble. Up until now I've done all of my SEO myself, and I'm completely self taught. Things have gone quite well as we are one of the leading sellers in our industry in Australia. I was prompted to have a chat with Joel after a friend who is a client of Joel's highly recommended him. At first I was skeptical as all SEO people I'd spoken with before had just tried to hard sell me. Joel was different. In fact - he told me I didn't need his services, and instead gave me pointers to continue improving myself. This level of integrity simply doesn't exist in this industry. Thank you Joel for all of your help and all the best with your business.


I've been working with Joel and Joel House Search Media for a few years now and the results have been awesome! Before working with Joel I'd worked with several other 'big agencies', but they'd never been able to get my business or achieve any real results.After only a few months working with Joel my website traffic is way up, I'm ranking well, and my phone doesn't stop ringing. I simply couldn't recommend them highly enough!One other thing that I liked about my experience, was that through out the whole process Joel would explain things to me in plain english, and would send through video explainers so I could understand more about what was going on.


I contacted Joel when hearing great reports about his SEO after my website had dropped dramatically over the years and not ranking on googles first few pages for the search terms I needed. After contacting Joel he said he would be able to get my website back on top of google in only a few months...he was right! I am very impressed with Joel's SEO and would not risk going anywhere else other than Joel House SEO. I will be referring him to anyone who is serious about having their website on top of search results on google.


I found Joel House SEO on the google and contacted them expecting a customer sales employee to answer. Joel House answered. I was very impressed by this personal service, given the fact that the company has managed to rank higher then most SEO companies Australia wide (which is why I rang the company thinking that they must know what they are doing!) As the owner of Joel House, Joel runs his business very differently. He has personally done a huge amount of the work to successfully increase our website presence, but also provides that one on one personal service. With previous SEO companies, If I had any questions or information to pass on regarding my business, I had to meet with a team leader (or an in between person). But with Joel, I can directly speak with him, and I know that what we talk about will get implemented, rather then get lost in translation as it gets passed on to someone else lower down in the company chain. On top of that, Joel has been working in the industry much longer then most seo's, so I know that the advice I am getting is backed up with years of experience and a thorough understanding of how google operates.The links Joel builds, that were instrumental in increasing our website presence, are white hat and clean. This actually is very uncommon in the industry. Most links we have had built in the past by other seo companies were created to get our rankings moving quickly, unfortunately the result was that our rankings would drop after several months to a year once google became smarter - and these were links that were built by companies who claimed they only built "white hat links". I don't need to worry that google will penalise us for dodgy pbn links, link wheels or other low quality links, because Joel has an enormous amount of integrity which flows through to his work and I can see that he is thinking about the long term survival and success of our business. Having worked with 8 SEO's companies over the years, I hold Joel House in the highest esteem and cannot recommend him enough. You in safe hands with someone who care and know what they are doing!Regards,Ravi SimonsCEO Yabadoo Kids Parties


Joel has been great! Look forward to what more he can bring to our company.


Fantastic Experience.Our company has worked with a few major Seo companies over the past few years and Joel from jooel house Seo Brisbane is by far the most professional and knowledgeable Seo company I’ve ever dealt with. He didn’t run and hide from any of the important questions which has been a problem with previous firms.Thanks for all your help. I look forward to our continued growth in the future.If anyone is on the verge of chosing an Seo company Joel is the man for the job.


Only 2 weeks in but our experience to date has been fantastic. Joel has taken the time to understand our business and has made us feel welcome and valued.


We just finished our SEO campaign with Joel House SEO and the overall experience has been great. He has always kept open and easy communication, and most importantly, he delivers on his promises and guarantees. During the course of our SEO campaign our market got more competitive and as a result, Joel fell short of getting us to the first page in time. But then his guarantee kicked in. As promised Joel kept working with us until we got to the first page of Google for our largest traffic keyword, and then he even kept working until it stuck there for a month. Overall you can trust Joel's guarantee is rock solid.Overall Joel has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to any business owner who is looking for a trustworthy SEO.


Worked with Joel house and his team for 8 and half months. I just give 3 stars because they are nice people, but business wise they couldn't do it for me. From rank number 3 in the second month now after 8 and half months I'm ranking 6. Not acceptable for more than $10,000 investment.Update: Joel contacted me personally and wanted to do 4 months for free, so at the moment with his great customer service I updated the review to 5 star and hopefully will last like this after the 4 months.

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