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I'm sure that people with little to no media experience may be happy with the lemonlight media product. However if you have a history of working on set or with making videos of any kind, or even watching any videos of any kind, you should definitely find another company to work with. These are amateurs at best, I think their heart is in the right place but are unable to actually put together a professional or stimulating brand video. I am never going to live this down w my partners I have my business with. We are unable to use even a screenshot of this video, no joke. That being said, the staff was fine and helpful for their limited knowledge, minus the fact they auto deducted money from my account without asking or getting a green light for the video. Which I couldn't even start to try and help them edit because it was so far from useable! Also after I bought the video they emailed me over 15 times with their initial sales pitch lol. Wow myself hiring them was almost as clueless as they are in general! Yikes!

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