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By Danielle Oct 31, 2016


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By Peter B. Apr 07, 2019



Our company was speaking with Ed Rutherfurd about marketing services and we were ready to start but we hesitated. In our first call he said he was working for MaxAudience, a San Diego based company, but in later calls he said he worked for another company based out of Texas. He refuses to confirm whether the Texas based company is MaxAudience or not. We find the confusion unprofessional and dishonest.


I had used Bruce in the past for an important project. He performed as expected this time around as well. I highly recommend him.


You guys are awesome. The website is awesome and much more user friendly.


We love our new website! Much more user friendly and our business has increased. Highly recommend the team of MaxAudience !


MaxAudience provides results, that's why I have stayed with them for years.


I’ve been building websites for a couple of years now but in this case I needed some enterprise level help to finish my recent project that had a lot of e-commerce, and technical back end work that needed to be done. I went on some of the review sites and looked up the keyword “top web design companies” and Max Audience was at the top so I called them first. After talking with the team, visiting them at their office in Carlsbad next to the beach, I was impressed and went ahead and hired them. Looking back a year later now, after working with them and implementing the site, I am so glad I chose them and feel lucky to be part of the max audience client family. I love what they do, and I would refer them to anyone looking for a great website and online presence.


Influencers are a lot like high school quarterbacks. Popular for many but near impossible to pin down. Bruce at Max audience has continued to challenge my team to use different tools and methods to grab market share in the ever changing health field. Getting the coveted high-five in the hallway from an influence is impressive in its own right, but what’s really impressive—and where you ought to focus your outreach efforts—is getting press from influencers in your market. Cant say enough about how Bruce and his team has brought more NEW business in past 6 months then past 2 years at my company. Most grateful for endless hard work and leadership qualities he brings. Highly recommend to anyone who wants increase in new accounts and sales to partnership with this power team.


Bruce was patient and worked diligently to ensure we understood all that was to be done to assist us in our goals. We have worked with other companies that told us to not worry about the process, and they would just make things happen...and they didn't. It is a great change to have someone go above and beyond to ensure commitments were being honored.


Because we are a startup company in the United States MaxAudience has helped us to grow our exposure. Their marketing ideas have helped us to gain quick traction in our target market. We are looking forward to a long relationship with Bruce and his team.


Where do I begin….I spent $9500 ($3,500 in LinkedIn Ads) on a marketing campaign that resulted in $500 in sales and 1 new client. Yippee!!!! Said no one.My intention was to invest in a marketing program that would produce a greater client base and increased income. When I interviewed MaxAudience, I was sold on the LinkedIn marketing strategy which I was assured would deliver new clients and increase sales. I was told that this strategy was tried and true and has worked for their other clients. Unfortunately, MaxAudience did not deliver. Despite being told that MaxAudience and I would collaborate on all aspects of the ad strategy (copy, content, graphics, links, etc.) MaxAudience went live with the first Linkedin ad without even providing it to me for review. When I called them on this, MaxAudience informed that they had the campaign under control and were monitoring its success. When I asked to review the ad, I found multiple errors. Not only was the ad not dynamic as they promised, when I clicked on my logo, I was directed to a random website. Also, when I clicked on the phone number from my phone, another business was dialed. The ad's errors and poor formatting misrepresented my business. I take pride in my work, including attention to detail. Potential clients would certainly be turned off and not inclined to contact my for services based on this poor ad. I got a call from MaxAudience about 3 weeks after the first ad went live. I was asked energetically, "So, how are sales?” I replied, "Umm they are non existent". Asking this question demonstrates that MaxAudience had failed to monitor the success of the ad. Had they looked at the statistics before calling me, they would have known the ad was not successful. I insisted the ads be revamped in an effort to target my intended market. MaxAudience bought stock images to represent my photography business. The images showed low quality cameras and lighting gear which would not appeal to the sophisticated clientele I am seeking. I expressed my thoughts on the images and suggested they use MY images for marketing. Another wasted ad. Another month of expense without any return on my investment. The LinkedIn ads did poorly again in December. My assumption was that the ad would be paused or pulled all together until a new ad was created and live with LinkedIn. Disappointingly, the ad was not pulled and since they continued to run the ads, $650 was spent on LinkedIn ad placement. MaxAudience knew we were not getting good results for the previous ads and they should of pulled the ad and put the campaign on pause. MaxAudience promised they would provide weekly/monthly reports on metrics (spend, engagement, conversions, discovery, etc.) If MaxAudience followed through with their promise, I would not have been billed $650 by LinkedIn for useless and unproductive ad placement.I believe my account was placed on the back burner while MaxAudience focused on other clients. When I discussed my frustration with the marketing campaign, expressing the costly investment with little to no return, I was told MaxAudience didn't know why the ads were not successful since they worked for other other clients. There was no consideration given for the amount of money and time spent. My only positive experience was working with Bruce Boyd. He is very professional and great to work with.If you are seeking marketing services, I would suggest you look elsewhere.

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