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threw away $1800
Overall Feedback:

So if you like to throw away money go with Sigend up with $600 upfront and $600 per month for 3 months and they did absolutely nothing. I never even recieved an email update. the onjly thing I got from them was this initial phone call from them prommising first page rankings. I put a dispute in with my credit card company but we will see how that goes

Orange Soda is a Complete Waste of Time and Money.
Overall Feedback:

Just like all of you, we thought we had done our homework when looking for a reputable PPC management company...we couldn't have been more wrong in choosing Orange Soda! nWe started with Orange Soda like everyone up front (before results). We had also decided from the outset to give Orange Soda a month to learn about our company, the products we sell and to pour over our Adwords history and evaluate how they could improve on our ROI. nAfter giving them that month to show us their worth, I checked into our account to check on the results. (long pause here) WOW...and not a good "WOW". Our campaign looked as if you had given a first time Adwords user a list of our product categories, asked them to read a couple of beginner Adwords articles, showed them the Keyword Tool and said "build a campaign" (this is the short story). When we fired them, they never once asked what they could do make us happy, only excuse after excuse of their actions...and on top of all that, they won't refund unused money charged to our credit card.nThese people take the word "unprofessional" to a new low.

ZERO RESULTS - Waste of money
Overall Feedback:

I Wish I would have researched Orange Soda on before doing business with them. 6 Months have passed with their SEO service working on 1 keyword; we started on bottom of page 2, and we are now in the middle of page 2. Not worth $750 a month for them to write 1-2 crappy 200-300 word articles and post them to the easiest article sites out their.nnDon't do business with Orange Soda if you value your money and your companies SEO future.

Total Scam!!! Nothing but thieves
Overall Feedback:

Had Google Maps optimization service...6 months have results. It was 6 month contract. After 6 months Orangesoda continued to charge my card. When i confronted, they said it was a recurring charge after the 6 months until cancellation. This was never stated to me about this. The Rep told me its in their terms and agreements on their website. I mean Really???? The terms and agreement tab is really small at the bottom of their site. At no time did anybody from Orangesoda tell me about this recurring charge or tell me to go to their website and read terms. Even if you do go and read terms, their is no "check box" to check to certify that you understand terms. At that point I know I was dealing with a big SCAM company!!! Dont use them total SCAM!!! I wish I would have found these reviews before i signed up for their service. All they do is try to upsell you into more services when you confdront them.

Lots of Talk No Action
Overall Feedback:

They asked me what I wanted, I told them. They say OK. They took my money and I got very little in return. Nothing to help my company. They broke my website and asked to have my IT help them fix it. They are incompetent frauds. Stay away.

Overall Feedback:

My boss hired this company about a month ago. I do all the graphics and update the site and work with a in-house web developer 9-5 everyday. I

Also would Rate lower if I could
Overall Feedback:

I didnt believe any of the reviews on this company so I decided to try myself and all these people are not lying. I spent $1200.00 for submitting my website in 2 months. I agree with all of these people. Alot of money wasted

orange soda scam SEO RIP OFF
Overall Feedback:

We brought on to help BPapers with branding and link building - we set up a budget and saw absolutely not 1 single, active link in 8 weeks. They said we should wait three months to judge them - If you pay someone to redesign your house in a week and on day 5 he is still eating lunch on your floor etc.. Anyway, they simply really do not know seo and just are techies that qversell their "services" to unsuspecting people that do not know about the Internet or seo - sad really. Anyway, when i got to page 1 of google (i do know seo as bpapers is #1 in google for "college help service" naturally etc) i got a call finally from the seo team that priority overnighted me back ALL my money - amazing when you can out seo the seo people then they call you when it hurts them. Go with a real seo company like prime visibility lol.

Finally a SEO company that delivers on what they p
Overall Feedback:

Orange Soda has been doing my companies SEO for the past 14 months. We have been able to significantly reduce the amount of money we spend on our Paid campaigns, as the other traffic has increased. We had another company doing our own PPC and SEO before, but never seen these types of results. This is a great company to work with. Thank you.

Same Reviewer as Before
Overall Feedback:

As a testament to the utter confusion and disjointedness of this group of incompetents, I got a call from OS last week asking if I would be interested in their services. WOW...the left hand doesn't even know the right hand exists and vice versa!

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