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By Justin Cross Jan 07, 2019



I don't think they're still in business. None of their reviews are newer than 2 years ago. When I tried to submit the Contact Us form over their web site it would only give me an error message. And when I called the phone number on their website, during business hours, I got a message that their mailbox is full. A waste of almost an hour of my time researching the company, trying to contact them, etc.


Thank you for taking the time to craft a customized solution for my company. Business has been booming since we decided to have our reputation managed.


I wish disgruntled customers would just contact us directly instead of trying to damage our name, but unfortunately, we needed reputation management after a barrage of unfavorable comments on review sites. With RMC, we not only addressed a lot of the negativity that was coming our way, but we got a lot of insights from the feedback that turned out to be more common.


Thank you very much Reputation Management Consultants! I’d been living as a shadow of my former self for almost a year since embarrassing news about me spread across the internet. At first I was the butt of every joke, and then it just became awkward whenever I stepped into a room with people. I couldn’t quit my job because I was afraid no one else would hire me, even if I moved to another state! My company probably would have fired me at the first excuse. RMC helped the internet get over it, and it finally blew over. Now I can move on.


As a professional in alternative medicine, I get a lot of flak from customers who didn’t want to come see me in the first place, but were convinced by a friend or their spouse. There’s just too much negativity in the world to let your reputation go unmanaged when your primary income depends on it. RMC made sure that people could easily find all the good things that my real clients had to say about me as well. I would even say that business has improved since I hired them.


Reputation Management Consultants helped me start with a clean slate after a poorly handled divorce that might have even affected my custody case. I can’t thank them enough. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know.


RMC offers excellent insights. It’s not all just about negative news articles. They helped me clear my name after I was falsely accused of something that would have killed my career as a lawyer and my personal reputation among friends and family. Kudos to their team!


I've been reading the other reviews, and I must say I have a similar experience with this company. Given the sensitive nature of the project we worked on, I can't divulge details of the work they did. But generally speaking, RMC did well in communicating strategies, timeframes, processes, and progress reports. As someone who hasn't had any experience in this field, I was impressed with how clearly and promptly they relayed the solutions to my problem. When we encountered some obstacles during the execution of the project, they explained the adjustments we had to do. I admit I wasn't the most understanding client they've had, so I appreciated the patience they've shown me--and I've grown to be more patient with the process myself, haha! Needless to say, RMC delivered the results I was looking for. I've just signed on for the preventive maintenance part of the project, and I hope they continue to provide the service I'm now lauding them for.


Kudos to RMC! Our company had trouble with some online trolls and it really affected our business, and they took care of it! I would totally recommend them to anyone who's had the misfortune of dealing with people who have no better use of their time than cause trouble. Ugh.


Sadly, we live in a world where some people resort to besmirching other people's hard-earned reputation just to get ahead. I commend RMC for the job they did for my business. They took care of the false claims that I could only assume is the work of unethical people trying to ruin the reputation I've worked so hard to build. It pains me to have to pay to clean my business' online presence, but I'm also glad there are people out there with solutions to terrible problems such as the one I had.

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