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This place is one of the worst agencies I've seen. Their customer support and services are a total joke, and I'm not surprised about the other review I found online which I totally agree with because I had a very similar experience. The reason I decided to try that company is because a friend of mine started to work there, but after a few months resigned because she got tired of their employment practices, and the bad way they treated other employees. If people still buy their products and they are still in business is because their "clients" don't do enough research to find out that there are way better services out there, that really provide good services, that are for less cost and are much better. As the other reviewer said: You've been warned! "First of all "SearchForce" located in San Mateo, CA is a huge SCAM!. They claim to provide top notch products and services, but in reality their products are not user friendly nor reliable and have so many bugs that I even had to get my engineering team to see if they can fix some of these bugs because this company has no technical support available. Not sure what type of people they have working in that company but I am extremely disappointed with their search engine marketing software / PPC and when I have tried to call to get assistance, I just get a generic voicemail and none of my calls were ever returned. What type of service is this! I am so upset at myself for falling for their lies and crappy products! These people ought to be ashamed of themselves for being so dishonest and selling useless products. STAY AWAY from this company! You've been warned..."

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