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In October of 2017 we hired SEO Inc. for site optimization and keyword marketing to increase web traffic. The project also required blog content creation, web page creation, back-linking, and social media management. We selected SEO Inc after meeting with the owner Gary and his son. They put on a great show to get our business. Entering month 2 we suspected problems. We had received zero BLOG content, zero ideas on new webpages, no back-links or info on achieving back-links, and no social media work. They didn’t even request social media access until entering month 4. By the time we canceled (5 months total) only a few of the intended pages were optimized correctly, while we never received the first back-link and were only told “we can’t see them yet but trust us”. Yea right. Most blog posts were not acceptable quality for publication and read like they were written by an English as a second or third language high school student. Gary himself told me he would not publish them on his own site. Then why send them to your customer Gary? We required third-party intervention to write our own BLOG articles and publish them. On my last call with Gary there was one lie after the other on how they had achieved and completed all work in our contract. Really … then explain zero added sites pages, 4 months of missing social media, 1 BLOG post (that we had to re-write) and the others you said were not acceptable for your own website, and zero back links. Gary, I’m sure you are reading this so let me tell you. For 30k spent on this, your company is a disgrace. You stole our money. This all boils down to an elaborate, and very expensive theft. You better believe I will tell everyone I come in contact with about you and your son. This will cost you in the long run.

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