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Very informative, great class to get a jumping start on SEO also dialogue between students and instructors helped with ideas.


Brandon's very knowledgable, and genuine. Multiple members of our staff have attended the "SEO 101" by Brandon over the past two years - great!


Brandon provides more depth in his paid SEO class as a follow up to the free class offered through General Assembly. I highly recommend it because it is loaded with useful information that you can initiate before deciding whether you want to hire someone to do this for you. The information let's you get a feel for the "organic process" of using backlinks generated from posting on other people's blogs and ensuring that you know how to search for, recognize, and imbed keywords that are relevant to your business. Brandon is very knowledgable and shows you how to avoid some of scams out there that promise all kinds of backlinking miracles. He emphasizes the tried and true, honest approach that can lead to organic growth. Worth the money!


I met Brandon at the downtown General Assembly. He is the guest speaker holding a lecture about SEO and social media marketing. His lecture is very professional. He is exceptionally knowledgable about the two areas, he has a lot of working experience within the two area and he is very aware of the latest trend in the market. I recommend to work with him for your business.


I live in Santa Monica and was looking for a local search engine optimization company and found SEO Optimizers in Los Angeles. I contacted them after reading all the positive reviews on Yelp and hired them to help with my organic SEO to rank me higher in Google. After using their services for 3 months I noticed a significant increase in my ranking not only in Google, but Yahoo, Bing, and from other traffic sources as well. I strongly recommend them to anywhere in the LA area looking for a reliable and trustworthy SEO company.


Brandon is very helpful. Good Luck.


I found SEO Optimizers from being subscribed to a mailing list. I saw that Brandon was hosting 1 on 1 training on SEO, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to attend so I can bring back new knowledge and skills to my company. I really liked that it was on a more personal level due to the class size and I was able to ask questions. I definitely acquired new knowledge that I had not known about, so I am very excited to apply new tips and tricks to my company's website. Brandon is very experienced in SEO's and other aspects of digital marketing. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is looking to improve SEO in Los Angeles.


Amazing knowledge on SEO, a lot of experience and it shows.


Brandon is such an amazing SEO coach. His lecture is very easy to understand while it’s extremely informative! I am happy that I took his course!


First off, I have been doing web development for about 20 years now. All of the work I have done was as a webmaster who engineered sites. So, it is safe to say I understand the subject matter at least a little bit.Today I went to a workshop put on by SEO Optimizers on an invite from someone I know. I was totally impressed with what I heard! As a webmaster I would have to make sure that what made for my clients showed up in search results, but this guy today took it to a whole new level and from a perspective that I never had before.From start to finish the workshop talked about everything that I had ever had to deal with as a webmaster, but in far more detail. It kind of made me feel a little embarrassed that I had been in the industry so long and couldn't verbalize as well as what I heard today by even a tenth.If you do go to a workshop and lack savvy, bring a web dev with you. Not only will your dev verify what you are hearing as correct, but your dev will get red pilled on SEO. You need your devs to get that and SEO Optimizers are the ones to do it.

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