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For me SEOShark was a waste of time, head space and financial resources.Outwardly, these guys are super friendly and give the impression that they do try and want to do a good job, and I really think they do. But come crunch time the results were not there. I was promised page one on google after 6 months. This did not happen, as a result they offered me some ‘free service’ due to the poor results and lack of any real progress. After 9 months the results had not changed and I still was not ranked anywhere close to where I needed to be. This resulted in me being out of pocket until I eventually ended our relationship as it was clear that no real progress was being made.I had to chase them most months for progress reports as they were not coming. On one occasion major changes were made to my website without permission or even letting me know. I have been doing my own SEO for the last 6 months and I have found that I am rapidly moving up page on page rankings, leading me to ask what these guys were doing each month.Furthermore, 6 months later when trying to renew SSL certificates, I have come to find that SEOShark had used my email as admin for SSL for my website from their private account, this made it impossible for me to renew my SSL as I did not own the account. When I asked SEOShark to fix this, they simply told me to use another SSL provider.I hope other clients of SEOShark have had positive results, as sadly I have not.

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