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I’m not one to easily take time out of my busy day to write a review. But I must tell anyone thinking of doing business with this company to beware. Heres what I was told listen to see if any of this sounds familiar to what they told you. I was told I would get a weekly update by phone every Friday . I was told my website would be live in three weeks after Onboarding t I was told they would post content for me on my social media accounts I was told I would be billed month to month any of this ring a bell. Well none of the above ever happened . Now I will tell you what did happen when they began to optimize my website I immediately dropped of of google I could not even find my company they said it was due to all the back links and rich content they were adding to my online presence.Well After reaching out to them multiple times and telling them I could no longer even find my business on google I was told that they were able to find me and that I was ranking well above were I was before. ONBOARDING. Well I finally did find my business on google and I was ranking way lower than I was b4 Onboarding with this company and to this date my ranking on google has been ruined and has not gotten near were I was before using them...Well as you can imagine I cancelled my service and after cancelling they still charged my credit card . I was told I would be receiving a refund but they lied about that to I have not received my refund. If anyone thinks I’m exxagerating the truth I have multiple recorded voice messages and text messages to and from them that prove all I have written in this review.

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