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Straight North is a bunch of crooks. Do not sign any contracts with them. You will regret it! Their SEO service is abysmal. They assigned my company, Eon clinics, to an incredibly amatuer team that knew next to nothing about SEO, and charged us exorbitantly! I could have hired some kid fresh out of college and gotten better results. Our traffic actually went down while they were working with us. Contact me on LinkedIn if you have any questions or want to know exactly how terrible they are. . I want to protect everybody from them and damage they cause to businesses .Response to Straight North's comment:You are absolutely wrong in your rebuttal . I paid $27k to your company in 4 months and my numbers started to go down considerably (who charges that much money in four months??). Your team would work what any other company would do for $400 and i paid you $6k per month with $9k the first month. I had REPETITIVE FRUSTRATING CONVERSATIONS and requested multiple times to show me some outcome . The email you have chosen to show is indicative of my frustration. I was always very well prepared to wait as SEO is a slow process and was aware of it . The amount of work being done on monthly basis and $6k per month commitment was very very minimal and even when they did something it was so improper that my people had to go back and correct . I spent $9k in the first month to give my campaign boost and I went down in rankings . Than I humbly requested your company to pls let me move on to some other company as your company is not adequately prepared but you force me into 6 months contract . Your chief strategy officer's only strategy is to bully people into contracts without any outcome. I STRONGLY urge anybody to just not work with your company as you guys are basically crooks and only know to make money by signing contracts and securing yourself . The facts you have given here are along this lies and deceit and i further am disappointed. I have dealt with various vendors but your company is the WORSE

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