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These guys deliver!

By matt wollersheim Jun 01, 2017


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By Freedom Dog Fence Oct 02, 2019



They are thorough, detailed, and completely transparent in how they proceed during an SEO project. I am being kept up to date on a regular basis regarding the next steps that are being planned and given the opportunity to provide input and feedback. At the beginning of the project, I was told very clearly what to expect during the first 4 to 6 months and by the end of the 12-month SEO project contract that I signed. After 4.5 months into the project, it is obvious that the stated targets were realistic and are being met. I interact with the Straight North team through Sara Rowles, the account manager for my project, who is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. I am very pleased with all aspects of my experience with Straight North. I recommend their SEO services very highly.


Matthew from straight north was incredibly helpful. He gave me honest feedback and told me he wouldn't be able to help with my very small business instead he gave me some good suggestions in order to accomplish what I need to with our website. He also suggested an associate who could help me with one aspect in which I needed help. When our conversation was drawing to a close I asked him what I owed for all of the terrific information, and he said nothing! I spoke with other companies looking for quotes around the same time and they were all high pressure, and offered no help. When I need and can afford these services I will use Straight North, and highly recommend them. Thank You Matthew!


3 months into our agreement we requested to cancel our service due to the poor performance from Straight North. Once our agreement terms were met (6 months) they tried to charge us for another month. Had to put a stop payment on our bank account to get away from these guys. Don't waste your time! The sales team was great, but then from there it's like flushing money down the toilet.


Great people with lot a ton of knowledge! We have worked with Straight North for almost a year now and love it! Our website is ranking much better and goals have been set and achieved.


Straight North did quality graphic and web design work using our photos and other elements. They really made a beautiful looking website with intuitive navagation.They were way too nice..(just kidding)My project manager was very helpful and maintained contact through the process. We were pleased with their responsiveness and professionalism.


Spoke with Anthony about SEO, he was honest and very professional. I highly recommend this company if your looking to have a company market yours


This is an incredible group of talented people. They are extremely easy to work with and take pride in capturing your company's vision. We made some big changes during the process and they couldn't have been more accommodating. We're thrilled with the end result.


We worked with Straight North on a consulting basis and they helped our marketing department immensely. Not only were they able to understand our needs they were able to customize it to fit exactly what we needed. They were also very good at working on a fast paced scheduled since we contacted them on short notice. We would easily work with them again - they are a great marketing source.


Our team at Straight North does a fantastic job, both in SEO and PPC. They've taken the time to understand our unique business needs and challenges instead of giving us "one-size-fits-all" strategy (like a lot of other companies do). They are proactive, happy to "do" (not just "suggest"), have great follow-up and I trust them - which for me is the most important. I am never concerned about them doing anything less than high quality work that will benefit our company in the long term.


So far Straight North totally lived up to our expectations. Our account rep, Jess is very responsive, and flexible to our needs.

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