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By Benjamin Albrecht Jun 07, 2019



Posts spam comments on random websites. Spam SEO


Spam seo, paid links stay well clear of this company.

Avoid at all costs - they purchase backlinks

We used The WebMarketing Group (WMG) for a period of 9 months from May 2012. Although initially the results were promising, in April this year we received a warning from Google about the quality of our links. In the latest Penguin update we were awarded a penalty. On closer inspection of the links built by WMG they had all been paid for. The sites the links were 'built' from all advertised links for sale which is contravenes all of Googles guidelines. We have now spent 4 months getting these removed which makes the

Quite Impressive

The WebMarketing Group has always delivered as promised, on time and in a thoroughly professional manner. Although not the cheapest, we have seen significant increases in rankings, traffic and sales much sooner than anticipated. As expected, you get what you pay for. Quite impressive.

Very happy with WMG performance
Feedback: has been a client of WMG for about a year now. Since engaging WMG we have seen a huge surge in the number of visits to our site. In addition to the work WMG does

10% - 15% Increase in sales and three times more site visits! Thanks!

We have been using the Web Marketing Group for over a year. We are at a really exciting stage of our campaign and we can now compare figures from the previous year, looking at YOY results. nnThe results for January 2012 saw sales rise by 9.67% and saw site visitor number go from 3,052 to 10,143!, when compared with 2011. February 2012 saw sales increase by 14.47% and saw site visitors increase by about the same as January

Should have used them years ago - fantastic

We had always talked about SEO but never implemented it, the WMG explained it in depth and in layman's terms. Traffic increased, sales are up & we are maintaining our current rankings. Their customer service is excellent, honest and the monthly reports provide a real insight into your SEO, I cant praise them highly enough - we have doubled our budget!!

Working Very Well.

I have been with the Webmarketing Group for over a year now. Like all people i was very sceptical about using a company i didn't no. When speaking to them i have found then to be very honest and very helpful. In the year i have seen my ranking go up and up. Making sales also go up. Very pleased with results so far!!

Amazing increase on enquiries, and position 1 in Google!!

I have been with the WMG for 1 year now, and I have just signed up for the next year. I was very suspicious to start with, but the results of a client who use WMG too were very interesting in deed. So I decided to give these guys a chance and the presentation convinced me straight away. As expected, it took a few months to start moving up the ranks, and after 5 months, my website moved from page 2 to page 1 in Google, and then it took another 7 months and we are now position 1 in Google. My enquiries have increased 5 fold, so it can only get better!! I would definitely recommend WMG, customer service is outstanding and they keep me on my toes with monthly calls and recommendations on website improvements.

Delighted - Rankings and Traffic both Improving

I've always been sceptical about SEO, but so far am very happy with the work being done by Web Marketing Group. The results speak for themselves and they have been very helpful and easy to contact when I have had questions. Thumbs up!

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