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By Milwaukee Medical Weight Loss & Medispa Jul 16, 2019


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Chris and Third Marble simply know their market, and share the possibilities in an honest and forthright manner. We enjoyed our time with Third Marble and recommend them highly.


These guys are nothing short of amazing. Need to get those phones ringing STAT!? Then call Third Marble. Their prices are fair, and their work is diligent and methodical. I will be bringing ALL of my PPC clients to these guys. So glad I found you.


I have been using Third Marble Marketing for years. There was only a small amount of time since working with them that I paused my campaign and I could tell a big difference from traffic with/without it. I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to grow their company using Google. Thanks Third Marble!


Third Marble Marketing is my go to resource in Richmond, VA for SEO marketing and AdWords Management. As a website designer and brand manager it is my responsibility to make sure that my clients have the best services available. As a certified Google Partner, their team helps me with paid AdWords Management and Search Engine Optimization results to make sure my client websites are ranked as high as possible.


Third Marble- Chris and Shannon have been awesome helping me get found online! I have tried multiple advertising methods and none have compared to the google adwords program they set up for me. As a small business with a limited budget, they have maximized my return far beyond any other ad method I have tried. Highly recommend this group!


Shannon from Third Marble Marketing has done a wonderful job with our Google Adwords advertising over the past year. The work she has done with our advertising gave us the confidence to have them work on our SEO. Although we are only a couple of months into our SEO optimization we have already begun to see improvements in our results. We will update our review again in the next few months.


My experience with this company has been really great. I did not and still don't know what I'm doing but they do such a good job of guiding me and I trust them completely. I have 100% confidence in this team and I started off extremely skeptical.


We have been working with Tim and the entire team at Third Marble Marketing for over six months now I only have positive things to say. Our Medical Director and myself have been very impressed with the professionalism, the correspondence, the education and the results. Third Marble Marketing has done more for us during our short time working with them than over two years with a different company. Thank you.


The team at Third Marble is always responsive to our needs as a medium nonprofit. I appreciate the tactical and strategic guidance from our Account Manager, Tim Goad, who is as enthusiastic about our progress as we are. In our time working with them, we've increased our CTR and tripled our impressions, all due to their guidance on how to best refine our ad strategies.


Morning,I wanted to drop an update on the TRICARE site. As you know the rebuild just went live. I may be a little repetitive from past emails. Our TRICARE site was first on first page when searching “TRICARE supplememt”.Last year it slipped to 4 and 5 then dropping to 7 and 8. I was alarmed and spoke to the web designer who said nothing could be done.This was hard to believe but did not know what to do.Then our CHAMPVA site which always ranks first on first page dropped to second place in March.I again approached the web designer who had bs as an answer.This time I made it a mission to change this slide and prevent a disaster.I turned to the web to learn anything I could. After much research and phone calls I found Chris at Third Marble.My call was both straight forward and refreshing. Chris offered factual information and not trying to sell anything. We discussed his SEO services but clearly stated we needed to fix the mobile speed on our sites then come back to him for SEO fixes.He explained services of Axim Solutions and Shardul. I made contact with Shardul and Benjamin.So here is my update, after the rebuild of our 2 sites, champva stabilized at number 2 and I turned over to Third Marble for their service.Here is the big news, the tricare site slipped to 7 and 8 then to 2 or 3 on page two.Since the rebuild and go live in past week, it has moved to 3 on page one. Unbelievably amazing.I will turn this site over to Third Marble next week for their SEO magic.You all are amazing and we are grateful to find real dedicated professional who understand the Google algorithms.I am convinced after Third Marble does their stuff in concert with Axim, we will regain our position.However if things just stay where they are is still profound.I wish I had the right words to communicate my appreciation.Your all the best, which includes Jake I meant later.Thanks much from grateful believers

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