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Overall Feedback:

Value for the money spent is an understatement. Vertical Measures has delivered time and again. Even with our own dedicated team working on various aspects of content and digital marketing, VM never fails to give us at least a few fresh ideas and insight that truly make a difference in our business performance.

Overall Feedback:

Vertical Measures is an excellent digital media partner that has delivered outstanding results for our management comsulting firm. Would highly recommend!

Overall Feedback: of their game...the get results!

Overall Feedback:

We decided to work with Vertical Measures after attending a seminar in which Arnie Kuenn showed us how content marketing works. Over the years we have tried to improve our rankings for keywords related to our services with limited success. The coaching program at Vertical Measures sounded like a good fit for us and we started a little over three months ago with Drew Eastmead as our coach. Drew came to our office for a day to help us get going. We began with strategy, focusing on nailing down who our target audience is. From there we made a number of recommended SEO adjustments to our website and then got busy creating content. We did not expect to see much in the way of tangible results for about 6 months as it takes a while for the search engines to pick up on our content and we need to produce a certain volume before being seen as a credible source by Google. After only 3 months, we are now ranking in the top 1 AND 2 spots (not just on the 1st page) for many of our important key word combinations, our organic search volume has tripled and most importantly, we went from practically no leads from online (1 maybe 2 per year) to 7 qualified leads from online in the past 3 months!! The results speak for themselves. We plan to be working with Drew for a year and already our investment with Vertical Measures is paying off. I would highly recommend using Vertical Measures for your content marketing program.

Fast results and great service!
Overall Feedback:

Great process and communication! Really allowed to create an establish web presence without relying so much on Pay Per Click. Our search rankings have steadily increased and our site traffic shows it

Both US and UK sites listed for the same search te
Overall Feedback:

Our client had 2 websites - one for US, the other for UK - and Vertical Measures helped us write 2 press releases for the opening of the US office. They also performed link-building over the same period, which helped get both websites listed on the 1st page of for the same major search term. The UK site also benefited from the link-building in, which is great timing just as the world economy started sliding.

Worked very well for us increased our web traffic
Overall Feedback:

We have had a web presence for 5 years but we did not have a strategy to get our ranking up and to increase our hits. Verticle Measures has helped in both areas. Plus they are very easy to work with and thay can explain what and why they are doing. We are very please and we have decide to go with another 6 month campaign for Medifecta Health Care Training

Practical and extremely successful approach.
Overall Feedback:

Arnie and his team helped us reduce our marketing costs while increasing revenues by over 30%. Very practical approach to the SEM business.

Strong results
Overall Feedback:

We saw strong SERP improvements from our work with Vertical Measures. More than half of our target words were in the top 10 on Google within three months of starting with them. Would recommend them.

Was impressed with the difference they made
Overall Feedback:

Focused approach with great results in a reasonably short time.

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