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Rank Tracking API

In the world of online marketing, SEO, or search engine optimization, is becoming more and more important when it comes to getting different brands and content to be seen, read, and purchased. Because the Internet is so huge, and the amount of information available is so vast, it can be hard for companies to get attention and the clicks that they so desperately need. 

By learning about various search engines and how their algorithms order the websites that they display, companies are able to get their websites and articles to rank higher when a person searches a relevant topic. Some may not realize this, but the higher your website falls on the search engine page, the more clicks and views you will inevitably get.

For example, if someone is looking for a bakery in a particular city. If your company is 5th down the list, your chances of them visiting your website, checking out your reviews, and ultimately, coming to your store are much smaller than the person listed at the top of the search engine page. 

Thanks to advancements in technology, there are actually softwares and programs that can look at what people are commonly searching (looking at their keywords being used) and evaluate how your company or website is ranking against the competition. In our article today, we’re going to be exploring rank tracking API, what it is, how it works, and why it is growing more and more important in today’s business and marketing world. 

What is Rank Tracking API?

Before we jump into the specifics of it, let’s define it first. Essentially, rank tracking API is an application programming interface that allows marketing agencies or brands to check various keywords and how they rank in the different search engines. 

It allows you to check keyword rankings and track any search engine’s local and global keyword rankings. 

How it Works

Since Rank Tracking API is an application programming interface, it allows users to pull in their various accounts (social media, blogs, websites, etc), and it will analyze and track various data. 

For example, if a potential customer is looking for an article on how to start your own business, and your brand has an article on that very topic, you can see what keywords that person used to search for the information, what keywords are in your article, and how your article matches up against other similar, competing articles. 

As stated above, it works by processing data, looking at trends, and, in many cases, creating charts and graphs for its users to analyze and use for a multitude of reasons. 

Why is it Important?

As more and more brands increase their online presence, the need for technology such as rank tracking API will become more and more necessary for a successful internet presence. Now that we’ve looked at what rank tracking API is and how it works, we’re now going to explore its importance.

The data that rank tracking API finds will help you understand the following:

  • Most Valuable Content

Through SEO and by looking at keywords used, you will be able to see which of your keywords and content are receiving the most attention through clicks on your landing page. This will allow you to see what your target audience is enjoying and interested in learning more about. 

  • Areas for Improvement

Similar to the point above, rank tracking API will also allow you to see what areas of your content need to be improved by displaying your least trafficked keywords and content. This will allow you to think about the keywords that were used and find new keywords that may help your audience to find your content more easily. 

  • Ideas for New Content

Sometimes, it can be hard to constantly pump out new and engaging content. It can be especially frustrating when you spend a great deal of time creating the content all to find out that it wasn’t a desirable topic for your target audience. Or, even more simply, you didn’t use the correct keywords that your audience is using when searching for this type of content. 

With rank tracking API, you can also use this software to find the most popular keywords used and give you inspiration and ideas for new content based off popular searches and keywords in your niche.

To learn more about rank tracking and SEO (search engine optimization), check out our recent article on how to improve your website rankings.

Who Benefits?

    1. Companies

First and foremost, the companies who utilize software such as rank tracking API will greatly benefit. They will not only see increases in their number of clicks and target audience views, but they will also see that this is a worthwhile investment by obtaining more customers. 

Knowing what keywords your target audience is searching and how your company is doing in terms of SEO and clicks, allows you to adjust, fix, and continue to provide quality, desired content that will bring more potential customers to your landing pages, websites, and more. 

    2. Customers

By brands being aware of what their target audience is looking for, the customers will ultimately benefit as well. They will be able to find the content and products that they are looking for immediately upon searching without having to do a great deal of digging. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than using a search engine, such as Google or Bing, to look for something, but scrolling 15 pages down to no avail. Utilizing this rank tracking API will help you to help your prospective and future customers. 

    3. SEO Companies

It almost goes without saying that SEO companies need rank tracking API in order to do their job properly and help brands learn what people are wanting to learn about and 

what kind of content they are looking for. Companies like this whose sole purpose is to help various brands improve their search engine rankings need to know what keywords are popular in various niches. Without some form of rank tracking API, these companies would greatly struggle.

    4. Marketing Companies

Of course, marketing companies will also benefit from the likes of rank tracking API because it makes their job easier and more seamless. They will have more satisfied clients who will see more of a return on their investment. 

This will allow them to direct their clients towards certain types of content for their target audience to view as well. 

Paid vs Free Rank Tracking API

When looking for a rank tracking application programming interface, it can potentially be overwhelming. There are more programs available than one could probably count.  When deciding which rank tracking API to utilize, there are lots of things to consider, one of which being the price that you are willing to pay for it. 

There are many free ways to rank track such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics. The obvious perk of going with a free rank tracking API is that, obviously, it is free. By not costing you a dime, you will have no loss on investment, but you also won’t have as many perks and features. Essentially, the free versions will be the most basic.

So, if you are looking for something to use on occasion and branding on the Internet isn’t your company’s main focus, free programs would be the place to start. If you see that your needs in terms of SEO and rank tracking aren’t being met, you can always make the decision to look into investing in a more involved program.

If you are going to be using rank tracking API on a regular basis and it plays a huge role in your brand’s strategy, you will definitely want to consider a paid service. As stated above, they offer a lot more details and specific feedback. To take a look at our top 10 rank checking softwares, click here.

If you’d like to explore both the best free and for pay softwares, in our article, 20 Best Keyword Search Tools to Jumpstart your SEO, we share many softwares and programs that focus on rank tracking, some of which are free or as little as $8 per month.

In today’s world of infinite amounts of information constantly at your fingertips, it simply isn’t good enough to have really great content. Even if you have the most profound article or the best product on the market, it won’t get the attention it deserves without understanding search engines and rank tracking. Rank tracking API has changed the game in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing, and it’s important that companies stay in the loop.

We hope that you found this information useful and that you now have a better understanding of the importance of rank tracking API. As stated, if you’d like a list of the best rank tracking programs, be sure to check out the articles linked above. Everywhere!

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