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By James Martin Oct 15, 2014


Overall Feedback:

Phil and his team are freakin wizards at internet marketing. I'm a huge metrics and KPI guys and all I can say is that Eyeflow paid for themselves within the first 90 days of working together. Definitely recommend them to anyone looking for marketing help. No fluff, no excuses, just pure results.

Overall Feedback:

I have worked with the Eyeflow team for several years and have found them to be very professional. They stay up do date with current SEO practices and have made significant positive impact to the websites I have worked with using very organic and honest methods. I consider them to be one of the best SEO companies in the business.

Overall Feedback:

EyeFlow has helped the Pittsburgh Technology Council optimize the SEO of its Techburgher Blog. EyeFlow has provided excellent long-term strategies and short-term tactics to grow traffic to the site. These guys are super fun and easy to work with. High-energy folks!

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Most influential SEO company in Pittsburgh
Overall Feedback:

Eyeflow seems to always pop up when discussing SEO in Pittsburgh. They are known for putting on free presentations and are a driving force in the Pittsburgh internet marketing industry.

Overall Feedback:

Since I interned for Eyeflow the past summer, I know a lot about the company. I was doing social media marketing and I learned a ton of stuff. I am going to be honest. I was surprised. All the people working there really know their stuff. As for SEO, it's ridiculous how much they know about it. Nothing seems difficult for them. They rarely get surprised about client issues. I could see that in the every day communication with the clients. I hardly remember a client complaining. Everything under control. I must admit that the office environment was very cool. Everyone is friend with each other. No formalities. I guess it is because the management is done in a very straightforward way. I was never afraid to ask anything even in my first days in the company. I know this is a cliche but Eyeflow works like a team. We were going for lunch together, sometimes for drinks later on. One last thing I want to share is that Eyeflow has a secret obsession with productivity. My manager would always say "don't lose time in stuff you don't know; ask instead". In that way, almost every business process was optimized. The right people, the right tools and job done!

Overall Feedback:

We hired Eyeflow for SEO purposes, and they have always exceeded our expectations. They are the most open company I have ever had the opportunity to work with in how they want you to try to understand their profession just as much as them, that way everyone can be contributing all the time. They have no destructive egos, and they are by far the most logical/competent SEO consultants I have ever met. Too many consultants tend to get caught up in heavy granular activity, which eventually pulls you away from the big picture, Eyeflow always has the big picture in mind, and they know the roads to get there.

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