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By Mark T Dec 07, 2018



Just wanted to take the time and thank them!Softline Solutions LLC has been helpful, and produced work at the highest level.


A very efficient, reliable and reasonably priced search engne optimization service. I have used them for two web sites and have been very please with the results.


Our experience with this vendor was misleading and excuse after excuse was being sent our way...and will advise caution when dealing with them. First our conversion costs increased 4X. They claimed the quality of leads was better. They say they will have rapid results but when they did not come they say it takes 90+ days. Perhaps a practice to stretch out into the next billing cycleAs we were looking at our account we noticed 28 disapproved ads notice. They had entered the wrong landing page links- links that had remained untouched and unchanged. A very glaring error. We were still charged for this neglectful work.They went several days without accessing the adwords account when we had restricted access further indication of the lack of attention they had for our account. We wrote them to cancel our services on a Thursday and our email went unanswered but the monthly renewal charge was still taken on the Sunday. The softline sales person wrote this: "We recently doubled the size of our campaign management team, and many of them have been quite busy lately in training. Hopefully the growing pains we're experiencing now will result in more satisfied clients in the near future." Essentially we are being told we are paying for their growing pains.Our attempts to contact management were dismissed by being told they are 'out of the country'...despite being in 2017.As they were not available i thought this would be a good way to convey our serious misgivings with their approach, service and overall company culture that would allow this to happen especially in light of the information put forward.We do not recommend Softline and we hope management can find the time while training their new staff to address these concerns.


Avoid them, they are terrible. We had an existing PPC campaign and they absolutely destroyed it. Our campaigns performance went down the drain while they were coming up with unlimited excuses. I had to double my advertising budget just to get any results with Softline. Thankfully I found a different company that actually knows what its doing - my campaign is recovering but it took months to fix Softline Solutions ruined. Avoid this company like the plague.


I have been working with Softline Solutions for about a year now. To date, my business has doubled. I am extremely pleased with the professionalism, knowledge and results I have received from everyone I have come in contact with at Softline. I knew very little about Google adwords, analytics, etc. They were extremely patient with me and helped me understand, as well as explain thoroughly every move they made BEFORE they made it. I am in contact with Sam at least once or twice a week as well as weekly calls to help monitor the progress as well as tweak my listings and bids. I now have the confidence and successful Google partner to increase my daily spending limits substantially knowing that it will provide me with quality calls which most always turn into sales.Thanks Sam and everyone at Softline Solutions!


The team at Softline Solutions are very accommodating to the needs and wants of the client. I have been usingthem since 2012 and they have the great ability to translate your own ideas and thoughts into compelling, effective and beautiful marketing campaigns.


I own an independent flower shop in the San Fernando Valley, and have been very pleased with the success of Softline Solutions work thus far. The results of the ad campaigns we're running are positive and measurable. Moreover, my interaction with my account rep (Sam) is highly informational and always focused on improving results. Highly recommended.


I am very happy with this companies Attention to detail. They have really got me on track and my business appreciates it. I look forward to many more years of continued excellence


I have been working with Softline Solutions for 3-4 months. The number one thing I appreciate about Softline and our account rep Sam - I know we are in good hands and they are monitoring our account activity. I felt like I was wasting so much money on our AdWords - I knew our campaigns were not as effective as they should be and yet I had zero time to dedicate to going in on a regular basis to optimize. Google AdWords is a BEAST, so having someone with the expertise to handle our account on our behalf is a HUGE life saver. It allows me to focus on everything else in my crazy day and I know if there is an issue, Sam will be there to get us through it and provide excellent advice! We are just about to roll out some new landing page designs, which we are hoping we will give us even better traffic than we have already seen!


Softline Solutions has been involved with us for multiple years now and we have been very satisfied with the work that they provide. They are fast, efficient, and honest in all work that they complete. Rony and his team are always there to help. Anyone looking for Digital Marketing or a Branding Agency, I highly suggest Softline Solutions!

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