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By Aaron Noble Jul 07, 2019


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Kept charging me after we cancelled

By Natalie Anderson Jun 08, 2020

Nothing after day 2 it was a very bad experience, I wouldn't recommend at all more

Kept charging me after we cancelled
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Nothing after day 2 it was a very bad experience, I wouldn't recommend at all

What would you change about the experience?

I wish I had never signed up, I lost so much time and money - buyer beware


They told us they would promote our company website - instead after they had our payment info, they revealed they create and promote a dummy site, and for only 1 city (we work in 7 states - that doesn't help us at all). So we cancelled in writing within the 24 hours they state in their contract. We thought it was cancelled, but they kept charging us. They claim, we changed our minds over the phone. 1. This isn't true, 2. Even if it were, you still need a new contract signed because the first one was cancelled. That is why they write the laws this way, you have to have it in writing because anyone can claim "you said so on the phone". So stupid, I could claim they promised me $1000 on the phone, it's not legal, binding or professional. I showed them the written proof we never re-instated, they still wouldn't refund the money taken after the cancellation. That's illegal to pull money out of someone's account without a signed contract. Finally I have had to file a claim with the BB


They dont do nothing !!! They change little information about the company on google thats all , they promised to keep you on the first page of google but its a lie !!! Worst lost money ever to this company .


Maybe they weren’t 100 percent accurate with my first conversation with them about having me at the top spot when searched. but they did follow through with what that said. They were willing to help set up my account But Was very busy during the day and missed the phone call appointments. But good customer service and friendly people.


My name is John Terry owner operator of plumb right. I've been with staylisted over a year! They tell people they will get you on the number 1 spot of the front page and they guarantee more leads. I've never been on the front page, I haven't gotten a single lead from them, I never hear from them (unless a payment didn't go through), I've tried to cancel multiple times! This company has a excuses for everything! I actually talked to a person by phone who had the authority to cancel my account, I told her to please cancel and then got disconnected! I should have been sent a conformation number instead I get a call 4 months later saying I owe over 600$ and they're going to submit it to collections. I get a call back now saying they made a mistake and I owe 300$. I've reached out to a attorney, I've seen many posts with the Same issues. They tell you they have a cancellation process that's supposed to be for your benefit, when you go to cancel them some how loose the call and staylisted says they have no records about the call , then 4 months later they want to send your account to collections (you figure its already been cancelled because you hear from these people when a payment doesn't go through!) Be careful with them I'm dealing with this issue now and they purposely didn't call to collect payment because they knew I wanted to cancel. They would rather try and rack up the bill and call 4 months later!


This place for the last several years continues to call me several times weekly even after being ugly with every time they call and telling them I do not want their service they continue to call and I tell them do not call me anymore they can't seem to get it through the thick heads that I do not want their services. They just want to argue with me about my current Google status. Just stop freaking calling me I do not want your damn service it's really turning into a harassment situation. It's almost like there are the mafia and I'm a small shopkeeper and they want offer me protection. Stop contacting me just stop contacting me stop contacting me


Putting my best foot forward and working on a new horizon with staylisted, hoping for the best on this new relationship.


This company continues to Call stating they are calling from google. If I ask if they are actually employed by google they hang up instantly. Some sales people do say they are from Staylisted, but if a ask for an emailed copy of their proposal they instantly hang up also. Not sure why a technology company couldn’t send an email if it’s not a scam! I rate 0 stars! Stop harassing me or send a legitimate proposal and prove me wrong! Scam!


We are currently new to Staylisted and so far we are very satisfied with the service we are receiving from them. Our rep, Brittany Roza has been prompt about everything and each time I talk to her she is very polite, energetic and knows the business. If I have a question about anything all I have to do is email her or call and she is responding with in the hour. We our excited to see how fast our company moves up in Google.


We are very appreciative of Andy Santos, who helped us immeasurably in our time of need. We are very satisfied with his personal attention given us over the years. We highly recommend him as a company representative. He is good with his job, and very disciplined.


Very friendly and professional.

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