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GetMeOnTop provided a great new website for my new company in a very short time frame. They were super-responsive & provided excellent service. Very happy with our new website. They provided options and choices that we were totally unaware of that made the website far better. They enabled the site to be state of the art searchable as well as mobile friendly.

Get Me On Top is by far the best SEO company in the industry!

Get Me on Top has taken our online presence of our web site from almost nothing to being the industry leader Ranking#1. They are extremely effective at what they do. We have learned from them on how to build and develop a web site that ultimately has made our company a force to be recon with in the SEO space. We are Ranking in the top three positions of almost all search engines with countless key word searches, all a result of their vast knowledge and understanding of Search Engine Optimization. We not only are on top, but we continue to stay on top! Our web site is dominating the photo and video searches as well, resulting in better rankings than any other competitor in our space. David and his company of highly trained professionals are on top of their game! Every time we look to improve our web site and gain ranking, Get Me on Top lays out a plan that gets results every time! We are entering into doing business with them for more than five years and i can honestly say, that choosing Get Me On Top was one of the best business decisions I have ever made! If you want to rank at the top of your industry and stay at the top, then the answer is clear. Get Me On Top is the best SEO company you will ever do business with, they truly are the Best in the business!!

Very happy with level of service.

David and his team do a great job of keeping Gotham Comedy Club on top of search results.


Get Me On Top has worked with me and listened to understand our vision of what we wanted our web site to be. We now have one of the best web sites in our industry and it is generating a consistent stream of new business. I recommend Get Me On Top to anyone that is serious about building a quality web site and looking for above average results. These guys know what they are doing!

My website Visitor Hits Have More Than doubled Sin

There are so many things that I have to be thankful for; GetMeOnTop has done wonders for my website and for my reputation. I talked with GetMeOnTop at length and they advised me about blogging and how it could improve my search engine rankings and even get me to first place on Google. I started blogging and was stunned at how quickly my traffic began to increase. Today I have regular subscribers to my blog and my clients interact with me via blog commentaries. My blogs are also ranking great in search engines across the Net too, even some #1 on Google. My website visitor hits have more than doubled since I took GetMeOnTop on as my SEO company. It's a wonderful way of advertising and getting the word out about what I've been up to that I might have missed out on if it hadn't talked with GetMeOnTop about SEO. I'm also grateful for GetMeOnTop's advice and assistance in the arena of reputation management too. GetMeOnTop gets the job done. They are the real deal. In four weeks GetMeOnTop did what I didn't believe was possible. They helped me eliminate bad comments on the Net. There work is like magic and if there's a fairy godmother in the field of reputation management, GetMeOnTop is it! Some things posted on the web could have potentially ruined me and my business. I was so frustrated because I didn't know how to get the dangerous comments removed. GetMeOnTop did a super job of negative commentary removal. They are fast, expeditious, timely, and if you desire a good company for Internet reputation management, GetMeOnTop is an obvious choice.

Every Time I See the Video by GetMeOnTop on My Web

I've got to say, shooting a video for my business was like a surreal experience. I never dreamed of the day that I would have a team of professional video makers come to my home office and video me about what it is I do and about the products I design. Having a small business that I operate out of my home somewhat limits me in terms of what I can afford when it comes to business marketing. I never imagined that making informational videos would be one of my options, but GetMeOnTop NY SEO company made it possible. When I happened upon an article about their video making services supplied through Turnhere, I was shocked at the pricing packages and their affordability and that they could actually help in getting you to be #1 in Google.. Every time I see the video by GetMeOnTop on my website I'm still like, WOW

I Thank GetMeOnTop for Giving me a Chance to Avail

I thought "What? I must be dreaming!" That's the first thoughts I had when I found out that GetMeOnTop could offer me professional video creation that come up on the top of Google for under $500.00. Then my next thought was, "how can they offer a truly professional video for a cost that low and how can they include the search engine and Web promotional services too?" Since the company offers a free trial I figured I had nothing to lose by finding out just how great their video solutions were. I can say that I'm extremely happy with the end results. GetMeOnTop SEO set up a time for making the video that was convenient for me. A professional videographer cam right to my business in LA and handled everything. Once the video was set to go, GetMeOnTop SEO hosted the video on their servers and streamed it to my site. They even helped me get everything set up and working. The M4V video file they made is super; the color and resolution are outstanding. Within days the videos were on top of DailyMotion, Youtube, and Yahoo! Video. When I did a search in Google, there the video was next to my website on top of Google Local Map listings. I give serious kudos for coming up with the backing of such a prestigious company as Turnhere: these video solutions are already wildly popular among many business owners and I see a long future ahead where videos on the Net will be the major form of advertising and marketing; I thank GetMeOnTop for giving me a chance to avail myself of their quality SEO video marketing solutions. I especially thank them for making their marketing services something that's aff.

SEO Videos from GetMeOnTop, I Knew That My problem

I'm all about the numbers. I took the time to check out video viewing statistics as I was considering putting video on my site. I was well aware that over fifty percent of video viewers respond to calls to action when they watch a good video and I wanted to take full advantage of that advertising power. I wanted to increase the opt INS on my website and sell more product, I knew that video would be the perfect way to do just that. I had some experience making videos, but I was lacking in the knowledge on how to truly market it with any kind of serious success. When I learned about top ranked SEO videos from GetMeOnTop, I knew that my problems were about to be solved. There video marketing solutions are pure genius. Not only did GetMeOnTop offer to make me a fully customized video to showcase what my business has to offer, but they offered me targeted website promotion and SEO services to increase my web traffic, to intensify interest in my business offerings and Get me on top of Google. They have in house videographers that know precisely what it takes to make a video, get in ranked on to show up on the top of the search engines and target it to my website audience attractively. They sent the video professional right to my business in Florida, and we shot the film needed right on site. When I saw the customized video after its completion the following week, I was delighted! It didn't look like some shabby homemade video you might find on a video site: it was a perfectly streamed, colorful advertisement for my business. I couldn't have gotten better video if I had hired a film director to handle the job. And my website has been selling about 50% more products. It's very nice to Google what we sell and see our video show up in the #1 Google position!

I found out that GetMeOnTop Offers Customized Vide

I've heard about other businesses using video to highlight their business offerings and come up on the top of Google. I wanted to take advantage of this kind of opportunity because I'm always seeking out groundbreaking modes for dvertising and anything to get my website to be #1 in Google interests me. My problem was that I knew absolutely nada about making videos or slideshows. I mean, I can go to YouTube and find videos, but that was the extent of my knowledge. I could see in my mind's eye the kind of video I wanted. I wanted something eye catching, something engaging, something visually appealing. A real attention grabber. I wanted a video that would list our services and that would make them exciting but that would also generate the I need feeling in our customers: you know, I really need this service, or I've gotta have this service, feeling that is so important to successful selling. From a true friend, I found out that GetMeOnTop offers customized video creation and promotion services. It was like getting Manna from heaven! When I found out that the video services offered by GetMeOnTop by the hugely successful company TURNHERE, I felt like it was a sign from the heavens saying, Hey you! Pay attention and Get Me On Top! I gave these guys a call and told them what I was envisioning; figuring since their services have been featured in CNN, Fortune Small Business, and the New York Times, I knew I was getting my hands on some super marketing services. Plus, guaranteed that I would be satisfied and the video would be fully SEO ready to come up on top of the search engines, even #1 in Google. Now that's what I call a confidently performed job.

I'm blown away by your work style, ethics, qualit

You guys at GetMeOnTop SEO are brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I'm thrilled to see the negative items about my business gone from search engines and gone from the sites they were showing up on. You are amazing. I was hurt, angry, and fed up when I found negative comments about my business, but I was pretty sure there was nothing I could do. I talked myself into the idea that 'hey, you can't please everybody,' and I tried to go about my business like I normally would. Still, the harmful comments nagged at me in the back of my mind. I was aggravated every time I thought about the little "reputation time bombs" that were out there on the web that I had no control over. Over and over again I would think, 'What are people going to think when they see this? I knew other people would see them and start thinking bad things about my company even if they didn't really know anything about myself or my company. Since hiring you guys at GetMeOnTop SEO for reputation management, my mind is relieved. I feel like I'm moving forward on the road to success again. You guys listened to my problem, took immediate control, and did something about it. I love how you've controlled the situation: like professional fire fighters coming in and drowning out fires that were burning out of control. I just wanted to thank you for everything. I'm blown away by your work style, ethics, quality, and your dedication to being so thorough

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